With Today's Problems

It's really hard to have faith. Where is God? Why is he so ignorant toward people in need.

I can't see any sign of him. Things are getting worse, and he is just sitting in his castle wasting our lives!

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I was confused about my religion and had lost faith. I needed someone to talk too and found a site www.coal2gold.com which helped me out big time. I would highly recomend it.<br />
best of luck

@ healedheart:thank you for the comment, I love Jesus dearly, I just don't like to be labeled.<br />
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@ Windlion: thank you very much for your comment

Agreeing with healedheart, LV -- it's worth getting beyond the fan clubs and understanding what the carpenter's son from Nazareth had to say, not to mention a number of other enlightened souls that have graced this planet. Pretty startling stuff, in particular when you realize what Yeshua was saying -- unconditional love for everyone? (You say that'll never work? Sure, you say I'm a dreamer ....)<br />
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Would not agree we are "on our own" here, but I do believe that we are expected to get on with playing our part in the Dance, intensely aware of each other and our role in the performance, yet far beyond the days of being coached through each step by hovering teachers and parents.<br />
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Regarding hearing from the Front Office *now*, I'd suggest 1 Kings 19:9, 11-16 from the Christian Bible -- and then go listen for some whispers. Trust that what ever you choose to name the Unnameable, the terrible things that are beyond our poor human abilities are in the care of a maternal spirit that speaks to us softly and loves us all.<br />
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Wishing you peace and comfort, free of all fears ....

I am not Christian, though I have read bible. I think religion has nothing to do with God. Religion is politics.

But he never answers.

Thank you healedHeart, I am really selfish I guess, Jesus was 2000 years ago, I want to talk to him now. Maybe he should use a faster way of communication

Dearest Ann, We are all trying our best, and we need some of his attention, I think we have to keep looking for the signs.

Thanks Steve, that was exactly what I thought.

I'm afraid He's mostly a one way system. A lot of stuff goes up but nothing ever comes back. We are on our own here, let's make the best of it.