Keep Slipping

I try hard to keep myself from falling back into that deep dark pit of depression but it's hard and I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. I am an expert on the subject of depression. I've battled it my entire adult life. I've done it all drugs, therapy, self help, meditation, psychotherapy, and even after all of this I am still unable to figure out how to keep myself from slipping back into hopelessness. You'd think with all the vast knowledge of my condition I've collected over the years that I would have somehow have become enlightened enough to beat this thing. Sadly that is not the case. Seems like nothing out there can save me from this invisible dark cloud that constantly follows me around. I'm so frustrated. I feel like I'm in quicksand and I can't figure a way to climb out. I'm so tired.
howsab howsab
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 25, 2011

Hey fried, don't be so out of light,just you relax, ask God for help and light, you have lost yours inner flowing lights, you are just uncharged, need to e charge yours battery, life is not as bad as you thinks it is, one door is closed many others are there ,you just have to find one other door, <br />
I do not know the reason of this yours darkness,otherwise i could guide you,<br />
discuss yours problem i be pleased guide you:-) Ok<br />
you got many friends right here on forum you are not alone at all.