I Have A Deep...deep Vault

As a matter of fact, I have many customers...so I get to hear many, many things...from each and every One of them.
From comments to intimate secrets...
Sometimes they're confessions...admissions, self revelations and disclosures!!!
Somedays it's about feelings of guilt, atonement for acts of betrayal, even remorse for lost chances...or a sense of regret!
Perhaps they look for affirmation?
Sometimes, just assurance or support...
Even as simple as acknowledgement for something that they did, that no one bothered to pay any attention too...
Whatever the case may be, I just know a lot of personal information about my clients and the close people in their lives.
At times, I know more about these people then their own spouses, children, various other family members, neighbors, doctors, lawyers and spiritual leaders do.

People confess the darnest things to me...and I just soak in...in a memory bank that on certain days feels flawless, unable to delete facts and figures...no matter how many times I Press that D button!!! Some people find it bizarre. Other people, outright spooky. But I never cared for the opinions of others on matters that they can not comprehend...Ever!

My vast list of clients range from children to seniors. Politicians. Professors. Doctors. Lawyers. Judges. Priests. Rabbis. House wives. Even celebrities.

Maybe they sense my strong dominant nature...one that shields and protects.
They trust me, therefore they talk to me!
Even my co-workers talk...
Whatever the reason, it just is...

So, a few weeks ago.
Old man "Tony", I never asked but his last name could very well be Soprano...
Asks me...
"Do you know Why there are SO many Stupid People"
Tell me Tony, why?
"Because it's illegal to shoot them all"

Tony is right!
The beauty of the bluntness in the truly old.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I like Tony's line of thinking. :)<br />
<br />

Lol - you have such a way with words but you should also be flattered they trust you so much to want to share.....you have a rare gift my friend, a rare gift :-)