These Four Walls and Someone Fuzzy...

My unit and my cat.

I need to know people who want to hang out with me. Lately, the need to feel loved is driving me insane.

I wanna be with My friends, but y'all are over "there". ARRRGH!

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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20 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Yep, my crazy little Motley. There are pics in my profile album "Motley Cat!!!"

Do you have a kitty? My pets help with my homebody self as well as my little boy.

Awwwww JJ...I'm having a bad week, Chronic Fatigue flare up.<br />
*HUGS and kiss* Thanks, hon.

Hey Id be right over if I was closer my friend!

*blows a kiss*<br />
Thanks, mybestguess. :)

I'm here RW! I love you! You're not alone at EP :)

*smiles* I imagine you all are here's a little tight for room in "The Shoebox"... :P

Hey! I am fuzzy :-0<br />
Oh wait...I am still in America...damn.

*hugs flour*<br />
It's a daily woe for me.

awe my friend m here. i get like this sometimes-hugs

*HUG* Thanks, gentleman's appreciated. :)

I've been around, but not really around, but want to say hi, and your not alone.

Thanks everyone.<br />
Evania, you make a good point!

Hey,<br />
I know the feeling. But it looks like you have a lot of "virtual" friends. That beats the heck out of not having anybody anywhere. You are never alone. But I too get exasperated that people around aren't more into spending time together. I LOVE IT when we're together! I'm grateful for my little family though, so immensely. <br />
Love, Hugs,<br />
Evania<br />
PS You're from Australia then? Oh my. I got a sister who lives there, and we're not close.

All you have to do is invite me ! I'll be there!

I look up at you, I'm in Tassie! Love ya guts TRW! MWAH!

i'm pretty much westward ...but i am (too often?!) in here and here for my friends xxx<br />
<br />
ps and not just my friends, of course

We could always look at it the other way and say..."we're not over're over there" hehehe!!! :-)<br />
<br />
That doesn't help either though.... ((((HUGS))))<br />
<br />
I live with my son and two fuzzies...2 poodles :-) I love fuzzies!!!!

Awwww....<br />
*hugs back*

Hahha..yeah....and the only people lower than me are Tasmanians and Antarcticans. :)