Chiari For the Masses

I've had slowly worsening chiari symptoms since I was 9 years old, for a long time I thought they were simply normal headaches. At age 14 my headaches picked up the pace to the tune of 3-4 times a week. Going to the hospital they admitted me as an adult, something I wish I had argued against the time, I was stonewalled by the docters and told after an MRI that although I did have a small amount of herniation it wasn't the cause for my worsening headpain, dizzyness and fatigue. The docter all but pushed us out of his office. Disheartened and somewhat convinced by the docter we let the matter fall by the wayside. Before long my headaches  became an every day occurrence and forced me to drop out of highschool, then another highschool, and another. This was at a time of great upheaval in my family, the focus wasn't on me and although we got on the waiting list for neurosurgeons, specialists we got the same answer "we don't know what your symptoms are related to but it's not chiari." My headaches are extremely postural, if I lie down I instantly feel the pressure and pain start to lessen and "drain" from my head, I believe the fact that I have to lie down for a scan negates the possibility of seeing the problem in any meaningful light.  A private appointment with the head surgeon at auckland hospital yielded a sympathetic interview and a promise to try and get something done, after conferring with the other senior docters the majority opinion came back the same. By now my symptoms include visual disturbance, extreme dizzyness when I stand up or bend down, ringing in my ears, and loss of confidence when driving. I'm off today to the Pain Clinic to have another go at getting any kind of treatment that will allow me to resume study or work. I get the feeling if I had been admitted to the childrens hospital the docters might have been far more reluctant to throw their hands up and send me on my way.
Clovis Clovis
18-21, M
Jun 18, 2007