Under the Knife In May 07

I have had the symptoms of ACM for the past 7 years.  Many doctors just thought I had sinus problems or just plain old headaches.  With treatment for those not working, I got another opinion from a 4th doctor (Dr. Knox in Lexington, KY).  Another MRI was done and a new diagnosis was made. 

My cerebellum was blocking fluid from entering/exciting the brain.  It was 2.8 cm lower than it should have been (from what I have read, 2.8 cm is extreme).  I had this diagnosis in April of 07. 

That April, the symptoms were getting really bad.  I decided to get the surgery in May 07.  Dr.  Brett Scott and Dr. Bill Brooks in Lexington KY performed the procedure.

5 weeks after surgery, 99% of my pre-op symptoms are GONE!!!!  I am recovering very quickly (I am 34 and in good shape).  My neck is still a little stiff, but I am able to golf, swim, and do other non-impact activities. 

I did have an infection of some sort 2 weeks after surgery.  My Dr. monitored it for a week, gave me some anti-biotics.  The incision leaked for about a week, but now it is healed completely.  I will know for sure in a week.

The main thing is that I do not have ANY headaches, dizziness, slurred speech, problems swallowing . . . since the surgery!!!!

KevinScott KevinScott
31-35, M
1 Response Jun 18, 2007

It sounds like the surgery was a success! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience.