I happened to see an advanced copy of Sicko, Micheal Moore's new documentary, and caught a glimpse at a list that said those with Chiari Malformation might be considered uninsurable.  Since I was diagnosed this last year, but am asymptomatic and don't need surgery, I wasn't worried until I heard this.

I did research and turns out it might be true!  So I wanted to ask, does anyone have any experience with trying to get health insurance with this condition?

I'm almost tempted to have the surgery (which seems stupid since I don't need it) just so I don't ever have to worry about being denied health care because of it.

kaida kaida
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 21, 2007

Where did you find this information? I was diagnosed in May 07, and need the surgery. Please let me know where I can read this information.