Chiari Type 1

I have been a migraine suffer since 2000, and have taken several medications to reduce the frequency. (All have been unsuccessful) I have went to a Neurologist, and was told all was well. I began receiving abortive medications, since the migraines were so severe. In December, 2006, I slipped and fell in the entrance way at my employer of 17 years. The fall was extremely hard, initially I fell forward braced myself and the rug slipped out from underneath me. I hit my head to the point that had problems formulating sentences, and writing the report. I went to the approved, care center they sent me on my way. As a week or more passed, I found a Chiropractor, who immediately began treating me. He took me off work, I kept going. However, I missed a lot of work. The migraines were uncontrollable, when I didn't have a migraine my neck and head were excruciating pain-not to mention my back. After weeks of Physical Therapy, which seemed to make the migraines everyday. I was sent for an MRI of the Cervical, which showed some newly ruptured disc's. The theory was that the ruptured disc's were causing the pain. I had a nerve conduction test, which was normal.

 I had to hire an attorney, because my employer of 17 years decided not to allow me to retract my resignation (for better employment opportunities and law school).  I was a Welfare Fraud Investigator, and was constantly in dangerous situations. I have been physically assaulted and worked long unpaid hours and was fearless.

My former employer are fighting my Workman's Compensation. The attorney and the Chiropractor sent me to a Neuro-Surgeon, who looked at the MRI and stated that he was not concerned with my disc's. He stated that my posterior fossa was to small, and that he believed that I had a Chiari Malformation. ??? Please believe that I am not a stupid person, but I asked him to spell it, and began reading. He gave me a type of steroid, and Diamox. He also sent me for a Gated Flow Study. He said that he wanted to see the results of this study before proceeding. I had the test administered, was looking at the results with the young lady and told her that he was concerned with a blockage. She told me that in her opinion, she didn't see one. Well, I thought that I was scott free! Went to the doctor's office--with my 11 year old son. He looked at the images in the hall, came in and immediately told me that my study was abnormal. He proceeded in telling me that the CSF was blocked in two area's, and that I needed decompression surgery. I thought that I was calm, and speaking intelligently. My son said, mom your shaking. Yes I was, uncontrollably. My former employer, a County agency is fighting my surgery. They have since postponed the Industrial Commission's hearing.  I have been told that Chiari isn't always symptomatic until you have an injury, and I have also been told that these debilitating migraines was Chiari headaches all along.   

Robertsgirl Robertsgirl
36-40, F
Jul 17, 2007