It Would Be Handy As Hell ....

It would be handy as hell . Are ya offering ta tell?

I was told the meaning of life once but I really didn't like what I was hearing at the time! FYI it hasn't improved with age!


*** ok ok ok, Goes like this

First part: People are no damned good!

Everybody say "I knew it all the time yada yada " This was easy enough huh?

Well the second part sux..

Second Part: "Never forget that on any given day, ya are one of them! " aw now that part just plain sux, it means I'm a ******* just like them sometimes??? gr-r-r-r-r--r


 ***Hopefully we learn from this, tolerance for the follibles of others. We all have those days when we are less than we might be.

***Disclaimer I still reserve the right to choke the living **** out of certain obnoxious individuals who are obviously using up other peoples "*******" time! hehehehehehe

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God and Evil in the same mind!! You think?<br />
<br />

Drinking beer and lifting couches

Getting life spelled out for us like in a social studies workbook - some of us would make an A and some an F - I suppose. But, who is the teacher? Nobody knows - it's us. We are the questions and we are the answer to our lives.