the purpose of life eh?

yes and no ...

i believe it's about evolving and maturing as a human.  not evolving as in; into a higher form of species.  HA! 

if there's more to it than that, i'd like to know so i can make sure i'm on the right path.

then again ... maybe i don't want to know ... perhaps it's not in our best interest to know the purpose of life.

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smebro - i do mean evolving in an individual sense as well as acclimating to and achieving much more as a human race ... El - you're right! it IS ours ... ours to answer and ours to hold onto with hope - 'hopefully' with the ability to adjust to new ideas that are 'possible.' ;-)

I’m very optimistic for Humanity, hard not to be. I agree with evolving as a human being, I assume you mean in the individual sense? I think it’s hard to ignore the whole species, though, I certainly hope for the most! I would hope that I contribute positively to our unique animal, and that I benefit our ‘species’. That’s not to say I want to set up a eugenics program, but I do want to make sure every human life is valued the same as any other, and that we begin to come together as a unified whole rather then fragmented groups. A higher form of our species could be a human race where war is abolished, there is no need for guns, and people understand that other people don’t have to believe the same as them. Where we have free-flow of ideas, and no minority groups that assume themselves unquestionably right…(They can believe themselves right, but have no right to deny questions).<br />
Hey Celainn! We may have brains slightly bigger then an apes, but does an ape have as many words in it’s vocabulary as we do? Can they fluently exchange complex thoughts like we do every day? We’re the smartest creatures we know of…I’m more worried about Aliens then Deities. If there is a god, he’s the kid at the computer screen that just watches for fun, he’s a flawed being with a past you can trace. He’s an atheist, he’s a system, he’s a code run wild, he’s a piece of super-string.<br />
Seeing as we are the smartest creature I know, I’m going to keep my eye out for the theory of everything, and if it makes sense after a few reads (As I’m sure it’s going to one very complicated concept) then that might be the closest we’ll ever get to god.<br />
But that’s okay, I have lots to look forward to…like lunch, and dinner, and my novel being finished…and the rest of my life; purpose is what you make of it.

What makes us human is that we get to answer that question for ourselves. Our answer will inevitably be wrong, or at best, incomplete, but still, it will be ours, and we must make the best of it.