I Wonder Every Day....

I wonder every day.
CrystalCat CrystalCat
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2006

Oh yes, the constant wonderment of and about life.<br />
It seems neverending (our wonderment that is and maybe life..?)<br />
We have all the time to wonder about life, but find it amazing how our species/level can dictate what it is all about. It only denotes our own self. To truly respect that of which WE call life, I can honestly say/express that I DO NOT KNOW what is and what is not. Only perhaps in my current stage of what we call life, can we possibly, remotely, dictate what it is or not, but only with the experience and tools of this stage in life. Can one say this is the ONLY stage of our lives? Yes, they can, but NO they cannot dictate the concept, well actually they can, if one is self centered. We all are come to think of it, because that is all we can be...<br />
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Agh, time to wonder some more...

That's really good advice, Radiant - Don't worry about it if it is not crucial to survival.

I think we are creatures that always want an answer. It is a survival trait. The problem comes when we try to solve things that probably have nothing to do with our survival. If it makes us sleepless, it will undue our survival. <br />
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Radiant, What I wonder about is any little thing that I can possibly question or re-evaluate. I walk about questioning whether God could possibly exist, even though he made it look so clearly like he doesn't. I wonder if people see me as I see myself. I wonder, who I am, what I am. If we need any more people in the world when there is so much potential for unhappiness and only the few are happy. Why we need so many different foodstuffs. All sorts of things.

About time, past, future, people, why you did something?<br />
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Wonder of wonders!!<br />
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