Small Talk Or An Opportunity To Open Mouth Insert Foot?

I have gotten better at small talk. Slowly. I think. I've had to since I became single again.
I used to be miserable at it though. Every possible comment seemed so contrived. I hate bs, absolutely hate it. I may be very long winded in text but not in person. I like to get to the point and I despise talking about things that I don't find substantive.

When I was younger, to make things worse, I was quite awkward. I remember years and years ago, while in the Navy, I was invited to my Master Chief's retirement ceremony. This was an old salt sailor. Terrific guy and he'd been very good to me in my career. Well after the ceremony, I'm in the procession to congratulate him and when it was my turn something terrible happened. The pithy little phrase that was running through my head switched font or language or something and instead of saying something like "wow, for all those years served, the ceremony sure was brief", what came out of my gob was actually "wow, that took forever!"

GROAN. Yeah you should have seen the look on MC's face. That was definitely one of those slap palm to forehead moments.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

its not a bad thing to be miserable at. I always thought small talk was pointless and meaningless to fill in the silence that people think is uncomfortable