Doesn't Work Well For Me

I know how it works, I just can't use it. I have an extraordinarily open mindset, so I don't really have anything I can bring up and contribute an opinion towards. I'm not interested in talking about things that don't interest me. So what else is there for me to talk about?

chalkdust chalkdust
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

You say you know how small talk works,but you can not<br />
indulge in it.I am not doubting you,however,unless I were privy to some of you conversations,I would say<br />
that you do,but are not aware of it.Moreover,you say that you can not contribute anything to discuss and offer an opinion on.I suspect that- with the exception of some small talk that you are unaware of- you may be a person who does not want to talk merely for the sake of talking or exercising your vocal cords,then you are blest in not being one of the "chattering" class of people.In this,we are alike.My forte is logical and intellectual acuteness,and this does not endear me to many people,because I will not be distracted by anything that is irrelevant in any discussion,and with few exceptions,I can discern when a person's opinion,belief,theory,or opinion,is based on an erroneous foundation.It is not necessary to be interested in a topic/subject to be able contribute <br />
something.I do not have any interest in Philosophy,but<br />
I have detected a lack of logic in the writings of some <br />
Philosophers.My advice to you is to avoid small talk as if it were the plague.Why?Because it is those people who indulge in small talk who have difficulty giving clarity and<br />
correctness to their thoughts,and who corrupt the English language.Furthermore,I would suggest that you<br />
do more listening,and concentrate on what people are<br />
saying,and try to determine if their is some logical basis<br />
for their opinions,beliefs,theories or convictions,and if<br />
you can then you enlighten them.<br />
PS:May I suggest you read some the works of Aldous<br />
Huxley,to expand your lexion.