i know everyone gets angry but it seems i get REALLY angry. from simple things mostly. i know the obvious steps are to breathe deeply and count to ten before you react. but that never works. we all have our problems. some r worse that others. the question is, why this is happening and what can we do to control it.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Know that anger is an emotional fire. Control its blast or it will ruin.

See it for what it is will help you.

I was thought we are having same problems shelbylynn. Everytime i got angry to someone i came to realize that i don't have enough patient to hold on. I did just likes what you said tried to control it but its still burst out and then regreted after the incident happened. I try to helps you coz i believe you may felt sorry after that and that is how i felt. Identify things that make you lost yours temper, after you recognize them find a solutions how you going to solve it and overcome them. Lists down your own weaknesses and how you try to improve yourself in other to overcome them. At the same time identify a person that you deal in your daily life (especially your family) what is their weaknesses, how often they lost their temper. Are they also hot temper or worst than you. After you recognize all the problems then think a way to tolerate and compromise with them. It's nothing wrong to say sorry if it's your faults to let them know you didn't meant it actually. I did many times and they know i not purposely did it and they be able to forget and forgive me then we back to a normal situation. I hope it helps