I am beyond overwhelmed with the difficulties in my life. The circumstances would be surmountable to someone who didn't have so much trouble breaking bad old habits. I just cant stop myself from crawling back into that dark truth-less cave iv been hiding in most my life
dear Lord i need you
And coffee
stufy stufy
2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

Im so sick of my sh!tt!

I'm sorry. I know what you mean... Old habits can be hard to break. Maybe just a good ole fracture could be a good start. ;)

Fracture? Break a leg?

Only if your leg's part of the bad habit you want to break. Or if it has anything to do with theater. ;)

Wtf is your problem?

Your a riot today!! Or are u always like this?!!

No problems, only solutions ...

I can help.

Do u know there are spiders in that cave?

I am looking for warm moist caves right now ;)

Oh no! Plz gey them out for me!!

Only if I can visit your cave ;)

Well thats where they are u said

You are easy

I like that!!

To get along with - of course

Cuz I was trained by a donkey

To get along with- of course

Get* i mispell wen exsited!!

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