I Need To Let Go Of This Demon

I always keep inviting this demon. I always tell myself, that I would end it right. But the problem is what I do is just plain wrong. I have went 2 days without playing with myself. I always wanted to end it right. I always tell myself that I will end it, that one day I will move on. I will always tempt myself with this issue, I always say one more time, just one more time. I just want to go out with a bang some kind of way. This is going to drive me crazy. But I always think that I have to my own way, or no way at all. But I have to think that it is the smart way. It just that I have been doing for 6 years, basically everyday, and sometimes twice a day, and sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. It is just the fake *** pleasure, I get from it. I just need to understand there is no way when it comes to that. It just that my last time, was to a video of a woman foot. It just going to eat away in my insides for awhile. How do I tell myself that I need to move on from it, without it eating in my insides.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 12, 2010