I Need To Move On Quick

im 25 and STILL have feelings for i teacher i had years and years ago. i have tried everything i can think of to move on but i cant. to be honest i cannot actually remember a time in my life when i didnt have some sort of feelings for him. i cant cope any more and i need to find a way of letting go of this fantasy and gettin on with my life
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Keep the fantasy, keep the feelings and get out there in the world.<br />
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I wrote a comment to your comment on "Sucks".<br />
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Try doing something weird like go out to a party wearing a mask with feathers. Don't wait for a costume party, go to any party.<br />
<br />
When they ask why the mask, make something up. Tell different people different things.<br />
Tell them if you took off the mask, they would not be able to even get close.<br />
You are so tired of the paparazzi chasing you.<br />
<br />
If you can see if there is speed dating in a town near you but not your town and go wearing a mask.

I love the vocabulary you chose in this piece...:)

You need the attention of other men in your life, to take your mind off your teacher fantasy!! You are young, and maybe enjoy the idea of being controlled by a father figure :-)