Bleed It Out, Juliet

It's a poem I's about needing to let go of him.


Bleed It Out, Juliet

I'm gonna bleed it all out before it bleeds me out
I'm gonna put it down in writing so I know it's true
I wish there was a solution but I'm trapped
I'm trapped and the cage is getting smaller
It's squeezing the air out of my lungs
I'm breathless and suffocating
I'm drowning in my own head
I thought it was my sanctuary
But it turns out that it hurts more than the outside
I wish I could do something about the way I feel
But it's just not me
It's not the way I usually do things
Not like me to fall so hopelessly
And create the stage
For a Romeo and Juliet story
Except Romeo doesn't care about Juliet
And he wouldn't kill himself for her
So Romeo can just go on living
And Juliet can go on crying
And feeling like she's dying
And letting it all bleed out before it bleeds her out
I lost all my chances for hope
There's no more reason to wish
So I guess my emotions have to say goodbye
That's all that was ever supposed to be
Those are the things I never have to wonder why


*Sigh*...That's me.

StarShyne StarShyne
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Sad.....but good poem