August 17, 2014

I cried the whole day thinking about one person. Thinking of my boyfriend for 10years and how desperate I am to get him back (we broke up 4days ago) But something hit me hard that I just realized that if you really love that person and you know whats gonna make him happy. You'll do it even if it means you have to let him go. He was right that in our 10years of being together he's not growing. I am the one who always plans for everything schedule, where to go, what to do. I was such a control freak that I didn't notice he needs to make his own decision and own choice. I called him and apologize for everything I've done and hope for his bright future. I love him so much that I want him to find where he can really be happy. Whatever the future holds I will always be here for him.

I hope everyone learns to let go. Because if we really love someone there happiness will always be our priority. :')
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It sounds like you've learned a lot from this heartbreaking experience but I wouldn't call it over just yet. 4 days broken up isn't enough to truly get over a 10 year relationship for him. Chances are he will end up coming back to you but you sound like a smart enough person to figure out everything on your own, best of luck with wherever your future brings you

I know that I won't stop loving the guy. Because once you love a person, you never stop loving him, maybe a little less or a bit differently but you never stop loving him. I love him and I want him to be happy. I really do.

That's a very respectable way to handle something like this

We were in a breakup-makeup relationship. We always get back to each other because we miss each other but we never really learn and we never really solve the problem so we always end up breaking each others heart. But now we really have to learn and grow up but we have tp do it separately. :'(

Who knows, maybe time separated from each other will be the learning experience you guys need to make it work later on, only time will tell

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