Lady Troubles, Bet You Havent Heard That One Before

i have this girl that i love, just hear me out this starts like most stories but ends in the most painful of places. So a little backstory to start.when i was in highschool i was a HUGE drug addict. i did everything i could as much as possible, it was bad. anyways i was in marching band in highschool as well and was in the drumline with this bloke named tyler. a kid i consider to be a blood brother due to the places we have gone together. now the thing is in my highschool mb we were all elected "band-moms" from the mothers of the kids in our section and tylers mom just so happened to win this title for our drumline. eventually sue(bandmom) found out that i was struggling with drugs and she invited me to go to church with her and her family. this is how this girl and i meet. her name is aly. this girl took my breath away the very moment i laid eyes on her. eventually we became friends and then lovers. and it was good but soon enough my actual parents had had enough of my drug use and the problems that came with it, and kicked me out of the house.

during church one day i told sue about the whole thing and that i was going to be homeless soon. and they invited me to live at there home, which i still do. i lived happily for some time until one day i realized that aly was starting to go to this other dude for everything and neglecting me and our relationship, which hurt. greatly seeming how i was and unfortunatley still am willing to do anything for this girl. i let it go for a while until it became unbearable and i confronted her about it. somehow it ended that day. i never got an answer as to why or anything just boom we are done.after that she started treating me like a piece of **** and all i wanted to do was to make her happy and love her. it hurts so terribly bad because i still dp love her so much and still hold the same ideas about being a source of happiness to her.

now the pain comes from the fact that i cant leave this house because im not financially stable and i constantly have to hear her talk about this boy or that boy. it especially hurts when she talks about the guy that she began to lean on i spoke of earlier because now he treats her like dirt and she is constantly holed up in her room crying because of the things that he says and does to her. i really wish i could tell her this but i cant because shes too stubborn and still a little young to understand the things she puts me through. i know anybody reading this will be like wtf get over her cheating butt. but she didnt understand she was cheating. i mean she was only 16 when this happened. now that this is off my chest feel free to tear me a new one
silthrim11 silthrim11
Sep 12, 2012