I Try To......

I believe that it is important to listen to your heart and I try to be brave and do so but lately ive been getting so confused and i just cant see the wood from the trees i try to listen to my heart but lately i just cant seem to "hear" what it is telling me.
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1 Response Apr 26, 2012

Hey BlackCat, I ave been having the same trouble. recently benn trying to teach myself meditation and at 1st I wasnt very good but im getting better at clearing my mind. I like to listen to binural meditation beats and maybe use a simple mantra like " May i be gratefull for everything and find my truth" It has started to help a lot... Not all the time im not going to lie!! But dragons blood inscense seems to help and candles. Dont know if this helps you at all but hope so. I will send some positive intention your way <3 peace n love xxx

thanks for your kind words hun