I have been in an on and off again relationship for 6 goin on 7 years. I love this guy from the bottom of my heart, but he has done a lot to me in the past...
We went from him cheating, having kids with other women, to him hitting me, and having anger problems to him really trying to make us work. We currently not together but he has been trying his best for us to get back together, but I just dont know if I can do this again and again and again. I love him and hes the only one I want to be with and have been with.
Its just tiring already, but what if this time is things are really going to be different but what if its not??

Im just really confused on what to do.
Maybe I just need to find somebody else.
ThaOne ThaOne
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

finding another in your situatation seems the best thing to do,,, thinking thats the best to do...
ill be able to move on, just going to take me time.

i can understand that

Yea but its tha same with everyone...but im doin good now...not so depressed anymore...i have my family and friends that help me with that :)

thats a good thing you have a support system,,,

yuup...Blessed to have em around...

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