But What If

what if your heart is telling you this is the right person. this is it, what you have been waiting for, wishing for, hoping for, dreaming of.... this is what you want. what if your hearts excitement scares her off? what if you know that you can make her happy? you know that you can give her all the things she has been looking for... without changing yourself.... without compromising who you are.  i listened to my heart... i did what it said to do... and it scared her away.
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3 Responses Sep 27, 2007

Wow Thank you all for your comments. I have to update this. We talked last night... the future looks bright. :D

It's terrible, isn't it; a fracture deep inside everything you knew was right, and could trust.<br />
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Maybe all is not lost for ever, maybe it is. Perhaps you are not as compatible with her as you though, if the way your love expressed itself caused her to flee. But it does seem you may need to change your approach in the future.

yeah,sometimes people arent ready or want that much love and attention,sounds crazy to those of us that want to be smothered with love and affection but,what can you do?u gotta find a balance of just how affectionate you should be,even tho u want to be suffocated with love and attention,just means she wasnt right for ya,cant adore ppl that dont want it...

Ur post was exactly how I felt after year no contact were talking. I've learned people express or pace love differently. But like u I will work on balance if we decide to work on things. But again I don't want to be in relationship that I have to half back cuz it scares them. So balance is key I think.