If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

Hey everyone,

Do not give up, or give in to those that say you need to pay a professional and that will get the weight off. The weight loss programs can be great. I should know.  I have tried most of them with some success over the years. They problem is, they are all the same. You lose weight and may even feel great, but then you get close to your goal and go off the diet, or you reach the insurmountable plateau and give up. Eventually you are either right back to where you started, or worse, you end up 5-10 pounds heavier.

The diet pills and drug cocktails have all done well, until the pills went off the market.

I have worked with a personal trainer that really made a difference, until I could no longer afford the expense, and then I psyched myself into believing that I could not do it without the accountability to a trainer.

The key is I did not change anything about myself. All I was doing is following someone else's plan. I did not do anything to retool my lifestyle or learn how to live healthier. Because I am in sales, my income is not always steady. I have a household to support. I needed to figure out a way to get health and learn a new lifestyle that would allow me to stay fit and healthy as I reach beyond middle age.

Then last summer something made me realized what the problem was. I ate great and kept a good diet plan, right through dinner. But when I shut off the office light and went into the family room for some relaxation in front of the television, it all came crashing down. About 8pm, I'd step to the kitchen, get a glass of juice, a little bit later a bowl of cereal or a sandwich did the trick, then maybe a few crackers. On and on it continued, as I binged through the evening. The only thing that stopped the cycle was going to bed.

I decided that I needed to get back to the gym. I was not willing to fight the crowds in the early morning. Too many people and I really did not like 5:30 wake up calls. I decided to try going to the gym, instead of sitting in front of the television at night. Since June 3rd 2011, I have lost 63 lbs. How did I do it? Simple; Get off my butt and get on the elliptical machine for 30-60 minutes. Soon I was to the point that I would do 15 to 30 minutes of warm up then 45 minutes on weight machines or with dumbbells. I used the basic knowledge that I had learned in previous years, stayed modest with the weight and concentrated on posture and form. Now, instead of consuming 1500 calories in an evening, I am burning better than 1000. That sound like am improvement of about 2500 calories a day combined/

the weight loss the first two month was huge. I was sure that I could drop 75 pounds before the end of the year. Then reason set in, I started to see regular plateaus (usually about every ten pounds of weight loss). These plateaus would last a week to ten days.

By varying my routine, I am able to do straight cardio and core work three days a week. I follow that up with 12 - 15 minutes in the sauna. Three days a week I do 15-30 minutes cardio then 45 minutes to an hour in the weight room. This is active time, not mess with your IPod and visit with the guy’s time.
Cardio can be a combination of elliptical machine, versa-climber (ladder), stair climber, rowing machine or step climbing machines. 45 to 60 minutes fast paced walk is great on off days. Because I do not have a partner, I keep the weights simple. I use dumbbells or weight machines, rather than barbells without a spotter. I know that many are stronger but I am keeping the momentum and try not to stand around. When looking for something to do, pushups and planks work great as time fillers as well as a great way to improve core strength.

After getting to the gym for a couple months, you will start seeing who the people are, that know the equipment. Shadow them or ask them a question, if you are not familiar with form. If you think they would be willing, ask them if you can work a couple stations with them. When you do that, you will find yourself doing more reps and lifting more weight. The experts are right. Change up your routine. Keep your body from getting used to a set routine. It works. I am twenty pounds away from my original goal. Depending on how I look and feel at that point. I may go for another ten or fifteen pounds. My next landmark progress date will be April 8th. Let's see how I do.

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That's great hope I can do it too

thats inspiring ! good for you <3