So You Need Some Motivation

Ok here it is, in July I had a miscarriage and it still is fng w me. I am a emotional and binge eater at times. I just eat don't do nothing like throw up or starve just feel bad for my poor choices. Although it wax n wanes its been a lifelong issue but I have gotten much better. So back to the point, after baby loss I started eating badly and depressed intermittently . So now I am feeling better mostly I now have regained about 18 lbs and 4 points on my bmi which freaked me out but I knew it even tho I hadn't been checking regularly. So I decided being obese I need to do this before I end up with diabetes or heart disease . I am 32 female and 225 on a good day 230 on a bad day.
So here is the deal, I want to be thin before I get old since I have never been that way naturally in a healthy way. Ok so I know fast weight loss isn't healthy and most part does not last. But I want to try a different track this time and combine and do a little experimentation and see what happens. I have Pcos so I should be eating low fat low carb, then I recently read about 3 different but similar fast weight loss things the 4 hour diet, slow carb, and the now plan and also the Ckd which is similar to something I have done before the Ckd I mean. So these are not meant for the long term maybe 2 weeks at a time with moderate to high intensity workouts. I know what they say is true the fat will melt off but it can be hard and a challenge mentally if you are not mentally ready you will fail. But I have done two of the hardest diets there are so I think I can manage. I know personally all the calorie counting etc gets to be too much and overwhelming so I like the idea you eat these foods and just combine for different meals that is simple but I like variety so we will see. I did the hcg diet and that is a fast loss but can be hard to maintain if you don't watch it as well as doing the lemonade diet both were hard to regain after for awhile but I ate way too much sugary and carb loaded type stuff. The keys were learning about protein very important following diets like these and insulin resistance which makes loss hard when you yoyo diet.
Anyway I was at my heaviest at 18 and I got to a 22 I'm a 16 now the lemonade and hcg helped me get there and pretty much that's about where I've stayed tho I regained . But I know deep inside a skinny b is dying to get out so I guess I'm gonna have to put down the mc d addiction chocolate and soda and trade for lots a water fruit veggies and healthy lean proteins. I am prepared for the good and ugly to come but hopefully I can st k to a healthier lifestyle this time.
litlsprout litlsprout
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013