Need A Little Boost In Getting "de-chunkified"

I'm 5'11 ( i am a girl ) and i'm 180 pounds.... EXACTLY, I lost weight over a year ago and got down to 160, my ultimate goal is 130 and it would be great if I could have a "losing weight buddy" I guess. My friends do it un healthily, i 've been bestfriends with the same girl forever and when we were "losing weight buddies" we both became bullemic. I want to put a healthy spin on my weight loss so if your interested pleaseeee let me know, this has been somehting i've been struggling with for a while and really would appreciate support.
breannajust breannajust
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

actually i would really like that, like i said earlier i did have my close circle of friends but then it became more how quickly and how much barfing you'd do a day and that's not my thing so it would be great to have some one to talk to

Would love to be a weight loss buddy. I think anyone going through the whole process of losing weight needs someone to talk to and help them through it. Someone who knows how they feel. So I am here if you need to talk :)