I Can't Seem To Get Motivated

So over the past five years I have gained 100 lbs... I'm only 21 and I feel trapped, I hate the way I look, I can't look in the mirror without degrading myself... I just don't know why I can't get motivated, it's frustrating. It seems like i'm always hungry and I know it's just because i'm bored. I know this but I just can't stop wondering into the kitchen or going to get fast food! I know what I have to work on, I know it's about portion sizes, exercising and eating the right things. I'm also a chain smoker and I hate it, it's so expensive, makes me all lazy and out of breath. ugh I hate that I know what I have to do but it's like theres a mental block not letting me do it.

If anyone can give any advice on how to get myself motivated or if any one has been in a similar situation, I would greatly appreciate it.
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May I suggest getting the best exercise in the World. Sex is reputed to make you healthy but it must be as often as you can. I would love to hear how it works for you - please

I was in a situation like that except I quite enjoyed myself. I weighed 170 lbs which was outrageous for me (first and last time in my life). Nothing motivated me at the time and that was fine by me. I still got dressed nicely, wore makeup, did my hair, etc. I kept eating junk food and enjoying it. Finally after a year or so I decided I was tired of being fat. I changed my eating habits totally but at times of course I slipped up. I wasn't on a hurry up and do this thing marathon or anything. One day I just decided to make some changes on a gradual basis for no particular reason except I felt like it. Slowly the weight melted off (I wasn't working out either - just eating differently). <br />
After several months I dropped about 20 pounds or so. Then I got to 150, stopped drinking diet coke (I used to drink it around the clock. When I stopped drinking it and replaced it with water I lost 5 lbs in 4 days. Then I started working out on my own sweet time and I got down to 140lbs. This all took about 2 years but hell along the way I started looking better and better and besides what was the rush?<br />
<br />
When you are ready you will change your habits and you will.

Stop talking and just do IT.<br />
Start with breathing right and try use stairs more than elevator<br />
Cut down smoking to half and gradually<br />
Drink more water<br />
the rest you know what to do..<br />
<br />
For me is easy, I fast for a month no carbo and sugar intake<br />
I lost quite a bit enough to make me fit in my old clothes<br />
And I have a bf to see the improvement.

i know how u feel, unfortunately. im 24 and working on training for a 5k in septmeber, and im soo not self motivated at all. i also bought p90x thinking it might get me excited to work out and lose weight and it lasted for about 3 weeks and then i lost faith, in myself mostly. when reading your blog it made me laugh because you sound like me, and it was scary. i also am aware that its all about potion control and exercising, its not as easy as the people on television say it is. i do well at work but when i come home thats a whole different story, because my arch nemisis TV is at home. im always tired as well and im assuming its because of what we eat but ive decided to goto the doctor and have them do blood tests that way if im lacking in a certain vitamin the problems partially solved. if your not taking a multivitamin i would suggest that, ive heard it works, i havent seen a difference but it could work. i try and go jogging/walking rt after work, i literally walk in the house go straight upstairs change clothes and walk rt back outside that way i wont get distracted, i cant workout in the morning because, well i love to sleep! its all about my mp3 pla<x>yer too, i love music so i gotta keep up tempo songs on there while im jogging. about your fast food problem, my new years resolution was to give up fast food and it actually worked for a few months, instead id eat subway or goto panera bread (if you have this), sandwiches have to better than all that other food right? well thats what i told myself so i just replaced fastfood for semi fast food thats not fried or covered in grease. lets see what else....i dont smoke thankfully so i dont know what to tell ya but clearly you know u should stop. duh! a workout buddys great also, and my biggest motivation technique for me is that i always keep telling myself while im jogging and out of breath and want to stop is as long as i keep doing this on a regular basis something will change, oneday i will change.<br />
<br />
good luck!