Garfield Says, "I'm Not Overweight, Just Under Tall."

My weight gain problem started after the birth of my first child, 11 years ago.  After Michael was born in 1996 I went back into my size 7 jeans.  I then followed my doctor's advice and went on the depo-provera shot.  I have not been the same since.  In as little as 6 months I went from a size 7 to a size 24.  Not to mention the emotional and physical abuse that I suffered from my ex.  When I left my ex in December of 97 I had gone down to a size 12.  I have had two more children since then and I am now in a size 16 and weigh 188.5 lbs.  I should be between 117 and 146 lbs.  I have joined Weight Watchers with a group of my friends and in one week have lost 3 lbs.  It is a start and my goal is to feel better, I have terrible asthma, and feel sexy again.  My loving husband says, "You look fine."  But I don't feel fine, I want to be more attractive and feel better.  So my goal weight is 120 lbs cuz I think 117 would make me look ill.  And I am giving myself till August to lose 30 lbs, and I want it all off by the time my one and only brother gets married in May 2009.  (If I can lose it all by October 2008 to show off myself at my husband's best friend's wedding I'd be ecstatic!!)
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Old story so what happened?

wow, you need a hug

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Hi how r u now?id like to help u when will u be online?

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With this said now I am left wondering if this lovely woman met her goals and how she is doing...please ep don't do this to me.

Garfield, think of yourself first. Eat for NUTRITION which means fresh fruits and veggies and no sweet drinks. Sugar is an addiction and once you start it is so hard to give up. As you eat for your health you will find the wieght going down and the energy coming up. The whole point is to EAT WELL, not limit eating.<br />
My husband has never been able to lose weight and keep it off. He has the metabolism of a snail. Once he was in the hospital for major surgery on his kidneys and in two weeks of being sick and in agony, he managed to gain weight.<br />
But recently he went on the Dr. Fuhrman's diet which does not limit food but focuses on nutrition.<br />
He has lost 20 pounds and we both love the food.<br />
For economic access to healthy fresh vegetables, try going to a Mexican or Latino Supermercado. The prices are good and the veggies are fresh as they are usually independent stores with their own buyers.<br />
Good luck and remember to love yourself.

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Don't lose weight to show off. Your friends, siblings etc. don't matter. You do.

I would get rid of soda and other excessively sugary drinks and replace it with a healthy yet still sweet alternative. The best one that comes to mind is coconut water, and my favorite would have to be Vita Coco. It's like I'm not denying myself anything, but still being healthy.

I also know how it is to be "undertall"......I hope you have met your goal and even past it, and no matter what I'm sure you looked awesome at the wedding. Congrats and keep up the good work

I am also "under tall" so I do feel you... <br />
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Good Luck! Knock their socks off!

I too suffer from the "overweight" status quot from the doctors. I am 178lbs and am 5'8". Technically I should be 140lbs. Before I go one about my weight problems I should tell you that I am part Lebanese so I have a huge bone structure. So my hip bones and rib cage sticks out already, but i should be thinner. I think women should be happy the way they are because honestly, I think bigger women are sexier. I hate hugging and cuddling with sticks. I use to date a 6'1" 120 lbs male who hurt to lay my head on.

Yes, it helps to lean on friends. in my experience, they'll help you through these difficult times!

It's coming up to May did it go ?

Best of luck!! Diet is at least 60% of body shape, but don't neglect exercise! I am an asthmatic as well... I take Advair once at night and once in the morning... I pre-treat with albuterol inhaler about 10 minutes prior to running... I warm up slowly, and then I can work hard... Its an uphill battle for us with asthma, but you can do it!!<br />
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And to quote Sir Mix-A-Lot, "You can do side bends or sit-ups, but PLEASE don't lose that butt!"<br />
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Good Luck!! I empathize with you about how having children can really add to your weight. My twins' pregnancy topped out around 215, and I am a really short, small person, so for me that was REALLY big! I am still trying to lose it....hang in there!

It helps to have the support of friends. Make sure you exercise too (especially with your friends) not only is the talking good therapy but the exercise is mood enhancing. Good luck!