Tis The Season

Well its that time again were everyone starts making their new years resoultion. Mine is to finally get into shape. My husband is totally happy with the way that I am but because of my weight I can really feel how it is affecting my day to day activity. I work part time and my knees are always bothering me. Plus I am very sluggish, no energy blah blah blah.... So tomarrow is the big day. Figure I will start now instead of the usual January 1st. Hopefully I can get through the platue of the dreaded 10lb mark. I can get to 10 but getting to that 11 just has been an impossible mark for me for the last 2 years. So wish me luck!! Hopefully I can get others to join me and can start a support system. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and hope everyone has a great new year. Gonna be a year of changes...For the better!!!
sassyrd sassyrd
31-35, F
Dec 26, 2011