I Need to Lose Weight!

I really need to lose weight! I put on a lot of weight during the course of a 2 1/2 year relationship that I ended 5 months ago. I started losing some weight the first 2 months because I was heartbroken. Lately the last few months I have been really depressed and began craving sugar and sweets a lot. My neighbor just had a surprise Birthday party for her husband two weekends ago. Today she brought by the pictures of the party in which I was in a few of them. Oh my lord! I knew I had put on weight but I wanted to cry when I saw myself! I look enormous in these pictures! I look so sad in these photos! I let myself go and I am so ashamed and embarrassed! Anyone reading please say a prayer for me! I should also mention that diabetes runs on both sides of my family very badly! So for health reasons also I need to get this weight off! My father and brother are both diabetic!
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my husband is at 103kgs for the past 6 years, he is 30 years old now and 5 feet 11 inches. He had tried eating healthy and reduce a lot by eating out for unhealthy foods, I have tried to cook healthy food for him everyday. He also exercise around 3-4 times a week. Drinking plenty of water is a must...but..his heavy weight still remain the same. It is very stressful and depressed to both of us because we had tried all ways but it doesn't seems to be worked. and his health getting worse than 3 years ago. With increase of uric acid, high cholesterol level, high fatty liver, blood sugar level increase too. Doctor told us, the only way to keep good health is to --- loose weight first. Other than that...no way!
We have known a friend and she is a pharmacist, after the long chat and evaluation of his condition, it could be the caused of low metabolic rate of his body. Therefore, she introduced us to try focus to increase his metabolic rate first. At first, it really cost much to us as it is not cheap and we are uncertain it is effective and worth trying. But we still take the risk to try the product because we are so keen to see changes. I bought it from online store (slimmingproducts.slimming-shop). For about 30 days,.. he really start to see himself loosing weight at abdominal area. All of his friend also comment to him that he have successfully slim down lately. We are truly satisfied and looking forward to see more changes on his weight and health improvements soon too.
I wish you stay healthy too!
All the best to you..

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That was the realization that I came to - that I looked HUGE in pictures. I'm starting my own weight loss journey and would love your support. I've started a blog ( www.healthmarathon.blogspot.com ) to track my progress and have people comment and support. Check it out, I'd love to get in contact with you so we can support each other.

First off I like how some of these comments people try to sell stuff, but anyways aside from that I'm starting to workout again. I gained 50 pounds since April I'm super peeved that I let it happen but I plan on losing at least 30 pounds because I only have 3 pairs of pants that I literally can fit into :/ this sucks..

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Yes, I am on a 90 day challenge right now. I have about 8 days left and I feel GREAT!
I thank Dr Oz for mentioning Glucomannan. I lost 15 pounds and I am not overweight. My 90 day challenge is to cleanse the toxins from my body. It also, help with diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, digestive track, irregular bowels, obesity and other condition that are caused by lack of fiber. People are being taken off their medications and it's safe for kids. Check it out and let me know what you think about my challenge.

Have you ever thought of trying a 90 day challenge this works for many people myself included and it is diabetic friendly no gluten and taste delicious let me know if you want info.

Hi, Dr. Oz said we need fiber and he talk about anti-aging. I love to eat food and sometimes it's hard to put it down. I also heard Dr Oz mention Glucomannan. I never heard of that before so I did some research online and I am still thanking Dr Oz for opening my eyes.

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Where are you with your weight now?

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every freakin time I look at photos taken like a year ago or so, I could honestly say darn I was smaller there. that means I'm gettin fatter and fatter everyday :(

Alright lose weight but do it healthly. Like exercise 4 60 mins everyday and eat more fruits & vegetables than meats. If u crave a sweet try reaching 4 a fruit instead. But don't go all out either, remember food is ur friend. The reason I'm saying this is cuz I want 2 lose weight but everytime I try I end up wanting 2 starve myself...now I'm afraid of I try again I'll end up doing tht.

You should consider medical management. There are a few good options.

If you gained weight, unless its health problems preventing you there is no one, and no thing to blame but your self. Its not stress, your job, situations in your life, but the choices you made to say its ok to gain weight. Weight control is something that is constant, not on and off again. <br />
<br />
The way to lose weight is simple. Caloric in take. This is ba<x>sed on how much calories you take in vs physical activity. If you are gaining weight, referring to body fat since not all weight makes us look fat, you are taking in too many calories. This does not mean you should starve your self, and go in the opposite direction. It just means to start cutting back in how large your meals are until you start seeing the results you want. Also, by eating more protein and reducing carbohydrates (fruit and vegetables) will go a long way. Much of this is due to the physiological effect that carbohydrates have on our body, and protein will help counteract. <br />
<br />
The RDA recommended daily allowance states that the very least we should be eating about 30% of our meals with protein. i know many people say protein is bad for you, and that is just false information. Any nutrition book will tell you what I am saying here. It also means that since 30% is the bare minimum, that you can and to lose weight should eat protein higher than this number. <br />
<br />
Exercise. Exercise is the best way to reduce body fat. Not only does exercise help you burn body fat much quicker than reducing calories, it also will help firm and ton up what you have while giving you that nice hard body you had as a teen and early twenties. When comparing exercise vs dieting, studies consistently demonstrate exercise works better than diets. <br />
<br />
Granted how you exercise can make a world of difference to how quick those results may be. And, the time you put into exercising. But, do not get too far a head of your self. The most important aspect to focus on is that you just start getting more physically active. You do not have to put hours in a day, or every day, but you do need to put in a little time on a regular scheduled routine. You will be surprise to not just how far a little time can make a world of difference. <br />
<br />
The same studies that show exercise works better than diet also show the best results come from combining both. Exercise and diet. <br />
<br />
Yes, neither exercise and/or diet may be fun for many people. For those, ask yourself, what is more important to you, fun, or results. If the results that you want are important enough for you, then you will do it. if the are not, then you wont. Chance are for those that want and try to put fun first, that you wont see any results, if any. And, the results you do see will not be coming quick enough to keep you motivated in continuing. If you are only concerned about results then you will find the fun in these once you start seeing the results and reactions from people around you.

I had that exact same experience... saw some photos at Thanksgiving and I hope I don't look that big in real life, but OMG, I looked like a house!

well here is the first thing :) belittle the problem. this allows you to overcome it without a problem. as to the weight. it annoys you right? this is what i did to lose weight. it annoyed me so much i used it to workout. if that makes since. so instead of eating a filled up a large container of orange juice and i worked out for an hour or two. the anger went away on its own and i lost the weight so i was losing a reason to be annoyed. and as to your sugar problem. there are many natural herbs and such that speed up the sugar degrading process. so it lowers the blood pressure. lowers the sugar level and apprently prevents smoking idk. im doing research on it right now i need a few weeks to finish that up. in all honestly. ignore the world. go for a walk. bring 2 books. one for reading and one for writing. write down everything. i mean everything that you want to think about. write a list of problems no solutions just problems. then when you go on your next walk start from the top of the list and think of what you want done with that problems what is the most optomistic scenerio in that situation. then find that and work backwards. this is how i solve things. i started wiith your goal. wants to be happy. by being happy you need to believe in yourseld and know that only you can truly help yourself. we can all try but their only words. even actions will never mean as much unless you do it yourself. no its not hard. if you ever think its to hard go for a walk and proove that its not as hard as you think it is. a defeatest attitude leades to extreme depression. ive dealt with many of those cases. but you have an open mind. your asking now before you get there.<br />
<br />
find some alone time. think by yourself. solv the problms alone. then tell others what and how you did it :)<br />
<br />
<br />

Why don't you try some weight loss pills or diets? the fact that you broke up with your boyfriend does not mean that you should lose faith in you and become overweight. You should look beautiful and take care of your body!!! Include more exercise into your life, eat healthier food and start informing yourself on the food you eat. You should cut on the calories your food contains. Try to read more about different diets and weight loss pills existing on our market and do not forget that the world still turns around its axe and the results you will have depend on the things you do...<br />
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since my last post i have gained more weight and now im up over the 500lb mark and its alot harder to get around and even to find pants and shirts in my size is so difficult im so big right now it does suck.

You want to do yourself right? Go on a very low carb diet and stay on it. make it a way of life. My weight got up to 290 two years ago. One of my best friends started calling me the walrus. Then I read a book called Why we get fat and what. Can do about it by Gary Taubes. What a life change! The first week was tough, but after that I actually began to feel sane again. I have adopted the attitude that carbs no longer exist for me. I don't see myself as deprived, they simply stopped making carbs in my mind. Sound simplistic? Maybe so, but a year later I was down 100 lbs and it has stayed there for the last year. I eat what I want and wast until I am full as long as it is either protein of green and leafy. Try it sweetheart, you will be amazed.

Hi well I can tell you really want to loose the weight so I would start looking at what you are eating, cut your starch,intake and your sugars and be as active as you can in your schedule always doing a little more each week. I do not know where you live but here in Canada I went to Herble magic and talked to them. There herbal prducts might be simliar or the same as pleusslim <br />
that the other fellow mentioned you can try it. I was loosing about 2 lbs. per week roughly.<br />
<br />

I think your motivated enough to get back on track. I had let myself slip also. I started working out and being more active, but it wasn't getting me quite there. My best friend's girlfriend introduced me to a product called plexus slim. I thought it was a bunch of BS but after trying in for a week I saw results. After two weeks I became a member and started selling the product. Check out my website www.plexusslim.com/rickandsheila Maybe you can become a member and start helping other people with the weight lost problems alot of us face.

I used my FAT pictures to inspire me to lose weight.I lost 20 kg over two years.I walk alot and eat lots of protein, fruit and veg.My main meal is at lunch.My downfall is sugar but I try just to have a little.I have steadily lost weight and not gained any back but it has been slow.

ive tied losing weight in the past and nothing worked until one day i just started eating healthy and the weight came off but then I just wanted to eat again and i gained back over 140lbs now im still gaining and cant seem to lsoe the weight i curently weigh 455lbs.

Hi people well to loose weight you need to increase your daily activity, reduce the amount of starch intake and drink lots of water. Water helps to flush all the bad food you eat through your system and delute what stays. In December of 09 I was 30lbs over weight and I went into Herbal Magic a weight loss clinic and so besides the herbal products i was taking I completely chaged me diet to a lot of protien andvegtables and fruits and low fat salad dressings.<br />
<br />
I hope this helps you people. I know quite well it is hard. Samantha

You don't say if the breakup has made you depressed but it may have a lot to do with it. That's what friends are for! Get them to take you out - either for lunch, shopping, or a drink in the evening and celebrate your single-hood. Friends are great to unload on too. They're like a living journal.<br />
<br />
You could consider joining OA (overeaters anonymous) I bet it is a supportive group and you may meet friends there who could be motivational. <br />
<br />
Visit a nutritionist and get a healthy, delicious, realistic daily menu that you can stick to while shedding pounds.

I went from an uk size 8 to a size 12. due to the fact that i was made redunant last year. i always walked to and from work, was on my feet for 12 hours. now i am a homemaker. i used to eat one chocolate and one packet of crisps during the day. once a day i took the dog for a walk and that was it. now i have started doing squashes and lunges with resistance training every night. i had about 20 reps every time i work out and tonight my legs hurt alot, which means its working. hopefully one of these days i will start jogging away and will lose the weight i gained. PS i hate the way i look but my bf loves my curves....

Everyone's body is different, but there's usually a surefire way to lose some weight. Don't think starting intense diets or taking pills will do anything, you might decrease in body fat % but your skin will be so loose it wont worth it. Most importantly, STAY AWAY FROM CHARLATANS selling you snake oil. No pill has ever led to consistent weight loss.<br />
<br />
Try this; eat what you want, within reason. If you can, go for the fat-free or low-calorie alternative. If you crave something unhealthy, eat it, but only have a little. Just have half a chocolate bar instead of all of it, or two handfuls of chips instead of an entire bag. Understand that you wont lose weight overnight and that depriving yourself will backfire on the long run. While you switch your eating habits around, the most important you must take the most important step, which is working out. I can't stress how critical this is, not to losing weight, but to not gaining it back again. There are huge advantages, both physical and psychological. You'll feel better due to the endorphins released, you'll tone up, your skin will get clearer, your calorie requirements will increase dramatically, thus accelerating the rate at which you lose weight, and you'll be able to handle yourself better on your day-to-day chores. If you think working out will be boring, make it fun. I personally love jogging with loud music in my ears, but some days I just can't be bothered. That's when the inline skates come out. If the gym is not for you, join a dancing class, or a martian art (huge benefits there). Remember to make it fun, or it wont last, you'll eventually get bored and quit.<br />
<br />
Trust me when I say you will struggle some days, but you won't be the first or the last. If you slip up, don't beat yourself about it, just make up for it by working out harder the next time. Don't skip any meals, take the stairs where you can, and remember that nothing happens overnight. I promise you though that if you stick to this plan, you'll start feeling better about yourself. I know you can make it, you're not worse than all the others that went through the same issues as you.

hey guys,, i have just like 6 kg to loss but at the same time i haven"t the time to do some exciers,ya i know may it looks hard to loss it, but am here toask any of u, if know some way that may help me ,,,<br />

I know everyone is quite possibly opposed to medicines, but i went on 2 courses of Duramine.<br />
Had terrible cotton mouth and some sleeplessness but i stuck it out and lost 58 pounds in just under 3 months. Definitely worth looking into!

I also need to lose weight badly. Nowadays i often feel really tired even when doing small tasks. My knee hurt as well as my back. At times i just feel difficult to stand straight and walk with ease. I Noticed these problems whenever i gained a lot of weight.

well now i am far from fat however i am never satisfied but i get lazy too and still i can keep a majority of my musics the trick is doing cardio thats one part..... also you have to watch what you eat not the amount just make sure you aren't eating crap like fast food cause my body churns inside when i eat that so try to stay away from nasty for just to save a quick buck and so long as you can go for a walk after your meal and do some cardio the fat will start going away ......... theres more extreme measures which athletes take but its better that you not try those although i reached my peak with some of those extremist measures it would consume too much time and you would become obsessive without even realizing it :)

I can totally relate. I've always struggled with my weight. I never gave myself a "break" because even though I could never be a size 2. I was still good about trying to be active whether walking or working out mornings even during my college years. But the best relationship I ever had that had expanded almost 9 years, the relationship was crumbling and I gave up on taking care of myself. I graduated college at 190. Then, the next two years were hell because I watched and experienced my beloved father becoming an extremely mean, angry, and aggressive man as a result of losing over 300 pounds (due to an extremely strict diet). Instead of him dealing with his issues, he became a monster, which all my life he was the only man that I admired...perhaps put him too high on a pedestal. <br />
Almost six months ago, I got my Mom and my younger sister and escaped the scary home environment and as I go tthem settled. I got quit my nightmare job and got another one, which resulted in also moving into an entire new state, new community, and new job. I thought this would be my great opportunity to focus on me. But all I can do is push all my energy into work and try to forget or take several times out of a month to cry and cry and cry and cry. <br />
<br />
Now, I just really need some serious motivation to get back on track and watch what I eat and get more physical activity. I just have no real motivation except that I want to get back into a cute pair of jeans. I just got back from a mission trip in Jamaica, which I lead with a group of college students. You would think that would motivate me enough to get in great physical activity, but my job and life is sooo stressful that I have no care. I took tons and tons of pictures during this trip of course, but also trying to avoid anyone taking pictures of me. I might as well be a blimp.

I feel you! I had a major accident, landed in a wheelchair for over a year, and packed on over 100 pounds in the three years it took to recover. However, I've lost 139 pounds in the last year and a half simply by watching my calorie input and output. I exercise and make sure that I'm burning more calories each day than I'm eating. Try the free online service... caloriecount@about.com It will help you track calories and tell you how much you burn with everything you do. It's been a great help to me. Hang in there. It can be done, and in a painless way. I eat ANYTHING I want too, just smaller portions, or I adjust my other meals to not go over 1200 calories a day.

seriously. i gained 40 pounds after my car accident;;<br />
it sucks

http://glen12930.eliteweightlosspackage.com Every one you have to check it out type it into your main bar at the top make sure it is empty first tho you are all going to love penny too i have tryed every think but this really does work hope you all get to the size and weight you only dream of i am nearly their now i have gone from 16 stone to 12 and a half in 7 month because of this i cant wait till my wedding next year now good luck all .

Me too... just don't make it a New Years Resolution. Decide to change your habits into better ones like daily exercise and meal/snack planning and get mindful of your emotions (I am an emotional eater) because they can contribute to you packing on the lbs... Good Luck!

I was doing good with my diet i lost about 7 pounds in a month. But then i got depressed and very stressed so now i'm not doing to well. When i look at pictures i look huge! but i don't feel like im that big. And i am a teenager so i can't get diet pills or anything. So all i can say is believe in yourself, you can do it. HAVE FAITH!!!!

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I can relate to your problem 100% - I have been a dancer and a sporty type all my life - but since I moved into the country I just let myself go - this is also related to stress and overeating habits which I picked up and in 2 years i put on so much weight that everytime I look at myself in a picture I refuse to recognise myself. How sad is that - but in the last 2 weeks i have given up sweets completely and instead i snack on fruit and some raw vegetables. My next step is to start going to the gym or swimming at least once or twice a week to begin with then increase the frequency. It's so damn hard but with a lot of encouraging from friends and family I'm sure I'll manage to do it - so I'm sure that you too can do it you owe it to yourself. Good Luck!

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I know how you feel!<br />
I can relate with being surprised with what you see in pictures of yourself. Deep down, I knew that I was big, but when I saw a picture of myself from a birthday party last month, I thought that I would die with embarassment!<br />
I have made plan after planto lose weight and I always have failed.<br />
But I believe that you can do it. Health risks are a wondrous way to force yourself to stick to a plan.<br />
I am sure that you are beautiful now and that if you stay strong, you will be even more beautiful!<br />
Some tips for metabolism is to drink unsweetened green tea daily or to add cinnamon to your foods. And eating 100% whole wheat will help keep you full and keep your mind off food. Your body wants to be thin too, it's our emotions that get to us.<br />
Good Luck!

I love you CMOST! You are always in my prayers. I think you are a beautiful vibrant woman. You will do it - I KNOW YOU WILL! HUGS & MORE HUGS to you!

Wow..Your story is very similiar to mine. I NEED to lose weight also. Diabetes is prevelant in my family, both my dad and brother have it as well. I also have taken pics at family gatherings and was shocked to see that woman staring back at me. I don't feel like that overweight woman in those pics..who is she?? She definitely dosen't represent who I am inside.<br />
<br />
Maybe we can encourage one another...I am thinking about Nutri System..but $300/month is very steep. I need to get off the couch but it is hard sometimes...

Go to http://applepatchdiet.com/kl77851<br />
<br />
Opra recommended it on her show I went and feel better it's not a cure all but it helps and there are no side effect as far as I can tell....Good Luck!

you and me both within a 41/2 year period ive gone from 120 to 215 i blame alot of it on stress within the past two years ive been so stressed and overworked im a stay at home mom so being at home most of the time doesnt help and haveing 3 little one that love eating doesnt either..

Hi ther Crazygurl,
I can relate in more than one way. I am a stay at home mom of seven children and I stay pretty busy. Between having my kids and not having a good lifestyl I put on a loy of weight. After having my seveth child I was pushing 200 pounds and I felt bad. I knewe I had to do something if I wanted to get my life back. So my mom told me of rvl. It is the best thing and I highly recommend it to all my friends those that want to lose weight and those that want to maintain a helthy lifestyl. I can Honestly say that I am back on the path of a healthy lifestyl, I have lost 35 pounds. I now weigh 166 pounds. I am still losing. I am getting my fruits and veggies and I feel grgeat. If you want to know how to regain your life back then this is the way to do it.. Contact me and I will tell you more. I look forward to hearing from you.

I also need to loose weight...diabetes does run in my family also...my father died from complications-had his limbs amputated because of it..my sisters have it also 1 brother....Myself get checked every year.. thank god i do not have it as yet..I have a underactive thyroid problem which makes it auful hard to loose...they killed my thyroid with radioactive iodine..i now take pills but nothing seems to help me in the weight loss department. I have tried weight watchers atkins you name it i tried it...my husband tells me i am beautiful the way i am...but i don't feel it...cuz another thing is my sex life is not there cuz he has a disfunction as he calls it..cant preform...overall i am really frustrated in many area's of my life...and i don't like me...right now... i do eat right...i am not a sweet eater...i don't drink alot of pop if any...i love my vegtables more so than meat and potato's...i eat breakfast which is my main meal- no lunch and small supper consinsting of soup and sandwich...I want to quit smoking but having hard time for fear of gaining more weight...i have had 4 smokes in two weeks...which is good for me cuz i was a pack a day smoker...but i fear getting fatter may make me smoke again...have hard time going for walks as legs get sore...but know i got to do it...get this one my job is in the therapy department exersizing elderly people...and i just cant seem to lose a ounce..............i need help or suggestions on what s a women to do.....

You sound like you have a ton of excellent reasons to lose weight! I have no doubt that if you find the right method of losing it , you'll be able to do it! One thing I've found is that it's *crucial* to eat right. And not actually all that hard, once you work out what your body needs naturally. I'm not an expert, but have lost a bit of weight recently, so if you want any further thoughts on actually going about losing weight, drop me a line!

Lord can i relate!! Right now i am the LARGEST i have ever been (except for my pregnancies), and i completely HATE my body, grrrrrrrr!! My b/f doesn't help either, as he stupidly thinks i have a FANTASTIC body ( he must be going blind ). He actually gets angry at me when i say anything negative about my body which just confuses me because it's just soooooo disgusting right now!!