The Sad Truth

I'm a 16 year old girl, and my weight is 136 pounds, and my height i 67,3 inches. I've have dealt with so many insecurity problems, and have always had low self esteem. Not one day goes by where I'm not ashamed of my body. I use hours in front of the mirror, picking out the outfit that won't make me look to fat. I always end up comparing myself to my skinny friends, and I'm disgusted with my self for not looking like them. I constantly try going on diets, but I never loose anything, even though I really really try. I constantly lie to my parents, my siblings, my boyfriend, and my best friends, by never telling that I'm on a diet, cause I feel ashamed that I am. Like I don't want people to realise that I know I'm fat.

I just wish for a beautiful body, so that I can wear jeans and a bikini without feeling so uncomfertable and bad about myself. Thats my story basicly. Please give som advice? does anybody know any good diets so I can become pretty? I already work out 4 times a week, seeing I am dancer on elite level, so it has to be in the more extreme end. Please please help me. Anyone in the same situation?
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I can help develop a plan to not only lose weight but to feel better about yourself I am a college wrestler studying exercise science and nutrition and I could help you develop a plan to lose some weight. I am an expert when it comes to being fit I lose weight and keep it off for my sport I have done for 17 years and now I am learning the science behind it. I lost over 30 lbs and feel so much better about myself. It is all about making a life style change! Message me if you want to make a life change!

Yeah I would really like you developing a plan for me. I really need to loose the weight for my sport as well. :)

I feel the same way...I wish i could really help you cause its a horrible feeling and i do it too. If i find a way ill tell you and if u do ...tell me? :) wish u luck!

Wish you good luck too! :) I'm glad i'm not alone