My name is Vincent and well I hate the weight that I'm currently in.Im 14 5'6 weighing an ugly 175 lbs.Alot of family and friends say "Oh your fine!" It's putting my self-esteem in ruins.I'm beginning to produce an eating disorder,it's to the point that I feel somewhat attractive when I'm hungry.The mest up thing is ,whenever I feel decent about myself I go on male thinspo blogs just to destroy my confidence.I feel as if the only way to be "truly happy" is If I lose weight,have a flat stomach.That's all I want,no muscles what so ever (worry about that later.) Like why the Hell is everyone thinner then me,yet they eat  Nonstop and absouletly don't do exercise? Oh how I dearly hate my genes.Anywho;I'm planning to lose 15 lbs but my REAL goal is 30.Luckily summer break,for me,is June 8.So I may have hope in the beginning of Highschool.Sadly,it all started with weight,my hair,and etc. Wish me luck!
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Haha alright! Well, first things first I'd just like to give you a heads up to make sure that when I give you this plan, you've really got to make sure that your eating healthy with it as well. Also, not just that but making sure that your eating roughly 200-300 OVER the calories that you burn. So, here it is, At 6:25 AM, I don't eat breakfast, I just got straight into a 200 calorie bike ride. After the bike ride I run 3 miles which usually leaves me at around 290-300 calories, after that- I go back on the bike and bike to my gym, where I do a small ab routine of 60 captains chairs, 20 crunches with a 10 pound weight on each oblique and finally, 100 crunches on a stability ball. This burns roughly 650 calories for me. Then the next day, I try and burn 350 for cardio and do small strength trainign routines for my upper body and lower back. It seems like a lot, but time goes by really quickly when you start zoning out during runs & bike rides. The best advice I can give you, is to buy a heart rate monitor so you're getting accurate calorie burn. That pretty much sums it all up right there. And just remember to eat right! Thats my problem. I work out as much as I do and have trouble tricking myself to eat...I'm underweight by a lot but I'm working on it! Good luck, I really hope this was helpful! Also, if you need anything- I've got your back!

Thank you so much!

Dear Vinny,<br />
I've been reading through your posts and I am in a semi-similar situation. I want you to know that at this age, we have so much time to perfect ourselves, and when we get older- all of this is just going to be a memory. Don't be so hard on yourself! You seem normal in your profile picture and 5'6 is tall! especially for a 14 year old! I'm 15 and 5'2!!! Have you looked into running/gym memberships? I recently started waking up at 6 am daily and doing run/bike expeditions. I have only been doing this for maybe a week or so and yet I've seen exponential weight loss (also due to a very planned out meal plan) but I could help you get in shape if you would want me to send over a plan or something! but please! Try and be kinder on yourself!

Oh,I would love for you to send me a meal plan.I need all the help I need! XD