It Is Worth Fighting For...

Hi all that I can inspire and welcome to all I can help! My name is Ashley, I am 29 years old. I have always since I was little been overweight. My family always has battled with weight issues. I have tried Weight Watchers, quick fixes working out with a trainer when I was younger, I wasnt ready. Until you are ready, you will not fight for it to last. A little over a year ago I really started thinking of having a family. I thought how can I be a parent and do all the things I want to if I am this over weight how can I have a healthy pregnancy. So I started working with a trainer and I became addicted to working out, at one point my trainer told me to stop working out and eat more...well that was really hard for me to digest, an over weight person never thinks they will hear those words...I hired a dieticianand learned you have to eat more to loose weight, just healthy food instead of unhealthy choices... and I saw results but knew I could do more, it wasnt until Feburary of this year when I finally figured out the missing piece. I met a coach that ran a free class called fit club, but there wasnt any gym equipment...I was confused and thought that there is no way I am going to get a good workout...huh I was dripping sweat and felt awesome! During that month I talked to her more and more and decided to try her 10day challenge. I found out there are workout out there that you can do without having a gym and mist importantly, I finally found the missing piece of my puzzle...its called Shakeology. It gives me my sweet fix in a healthy is ALL natural with NO artificial ingrediants, it curves my cravings and it boosted my metabolism while keeping me regular:) I decided to become a coach to help people with their weight loss journey, so far I have lost 83lbs, I have 37 more to get to my long term goal. Let me help you get to a place that you are comfortable in your own skin...message me with any questions:) I am here to help anyone that wants help with this long but very rewarding journey!
ashley275 ashley275
26-30, F
Jun 19, 2012