Fat C:

I've been trying to get myself back on track to lose weight, but I lack motivation. Laziness is a major part of it, also. I'm self-conscious to be seen exercising. I don't know what to do with myself.

But, fortunately, I registered for a weight training class this coming semester so I can get in shape.
Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone wanted to be weight-loss buddies/supporters. It really makes a big difference to have someone there for me.
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I'll b your buddy I'm the same I have no motivation to lose weight and am lazy to lol

I have a friend that will inspire you to keep moving! he's tried everything and now he's found something that works ! http://youtu.be/9JX0_q1c2IM <--- he was was 601LBS .. look at him now !! I hope this helps www.vironman.bodybyvi.com

haha, JustLovely47, I found your post first and just commented on that, but I want in on this support group too! Let's keep each other accountable and remind each other of the benefits- stick to it! Yay! Now I'm so motivated :)

Hey girls. I'm also on the same ban wagon -.-. I just posted a story myself. It was my first post about my struggle with weight loss and I already feel a little bit more motivated. I keep pushing the date that I'm going to start working on weight loss and I think its because i lack motivation and support but maybe we can all help each other out. Read my post and see if you can relate.

Hi! I also am looking for a weight-loss buddy/support. About a year ago I was very active and finally had found some success in my seemingly lifelong struggle to lose weight. However, in the past year, with the conclusion of my college career and other difficult issues, I gained a significant amount of weight back. I am looking to get back to a healthy lifestyle yet cannot seem to stick to anything. I believe having some support would definitely be helpful and would love to help someone else as I move along on my own journey to a happier, healthier life.