More Energy, Less Fat And Making Money At The Same Time!!

Hi there! So to continue my story from 2 months ago, a little update... About 6 months ago I started on Visalus. I was incredibly sceptical, as I'm fairly sure I've tried about every diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, etc.. and never got the results I wanted, or if I did get some results I was so miserable and hungry at the same time that I never really enjoyed it! So I figured, what the hell! I'll try this Visalus and see how it goes. In the first 3 weeks I lost 5 pounds, after 2 months 20 pounds, and where am I at now? I'm at my target weight and can actually begin to see definition in my abs and legs! But thats only one of the many benefits I've seen. I've always had a problem with bloating and digestion, but now, I havent been bloated or had stomach problems in 5 months! The other benefit I've experienced is a serious boost in my energy. Before Visalus I could barely get through a 8 hour work day, I'd come home and have something to eat and go straight to bed because I was so tired. Now, I'm practically bouncing off the walls with excitement! And the last benefit - money. I started promoting Visalus 4 months ago, I got 2 friends and my mom on the program and they've all experienced the same physical benefits as I have! And because of that, I get a check every month for $325!!

So, if anyone is interested in losing weight, having more energy, and/or making money, then contact me at
ndevarennes ndevarennes
26-30, F
Jun 24, 2012