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This is first time writing on a forum. I'm joining because I'm hoping to find others that understand my perspective about weight loss. I'm 21, about 60 pounds overweight and its killing me! I'm only about 5 feet tall so I'm sure you can imagine why 60 pounds is a HUGE deal. My family is full of big people so I knew genetics wasn't on my side from the start. I've always had an insecurity about being a little "thicker" but I always embraced my curves. However its this last 20lb gain that has flipped my world upside down. I find myself withdrawing from social activities, wearing super lose clothing, and eating in the middle of the night. I want to be alone all the time, I don't want to see my friends or date.

Its kind of sad I know but i FEEL like a slob and I don't want anyone to perceive me that way. At the beginning of the year I told myself that this was just no way to live. I've always been an adventurous person who loves the outdoors,I love going out and meeting new people, I'm "everyone's best friend" type of girl, everyone's Go To person and I feel like i'm letting a lot of people down. At the beginning of the year I promised myself that I was going to lose atleast 50 pounds by June. I started my year off right, got a gym membership, started eating right and lost 15lbs in one month. I took a break because things in my life got stress full and I quickly turned to food for comfort. I gained back most of the weight but I was still motivated to keep going.

Every week I promise myself that I will start dieting again the next week, next month and so on. Now we are in June and I'm 65 pounds over weight. I've come to the realization that I'm addicted to food. I mean who else thinks about food this much??? I've realized that I don't need to diet, I need to change my life style. I've been really good for the past 2 days but I usually crack after a week because it take SOOOOO much effort to eat right and cook for myself. I need some type of support system that can relate to what I'm going through and won't judge me. It;s so frustrating that this has taken over my life but im 21 years young if i don't fix it now it will just keep getting worst!
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I'm addicted to food too for sure, but I was sick for a while and was underweight so I started from a lower weight and have been gaining really fast. It's making me really insecure too and I'm also withdrawing from social scenes and men in general, eating in the middle of the night while no body is looking, etc etc...<br />
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You should find someone here that has a similar body type and a similar weight loss goal. Become intimately acquainted so you know you can rely on each other for support. That, drinking water/tea and keeping a food journal - these are, I think, probably what's going to help the most.<br />
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Best of luck to you!! And good job for deciding to take the first step.

I have a friend that will inspire you to keep moving! he's tried everything and now he's found something that works ! http://youtu.be/9JX0_q1c2IM <--- he was was 601LBS .. look at him now !! I hope this helps www.vironman.bodybyvi.com