Thin Is In.

I feel as if loosing weight is my gate way to FINALLY feel truly attractive.And not that just "Okay I look fine,"but "Damn,I look HOT!" I want to look good in anything I wear.I want to be that trick that others hate on. It won't be an "I want." It's now "I WILL" I am loosing weight.I will be victorious of this ugly fat I'm in. It's not my fault that inner beauty is for fat people.The world made me this way.I'm planning on to loosing atleast 40 lbs.Haha,wish me luck. Im going to be so thin it's gonna make you cry.
ViciousVinny ViciousVinny
18-21, M
2 Responses Jul 6, 2012

From a person who lost approximately 40 pounds and grew a six-pack from being "the boring fat kid", all I can say is that you have to have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy, which will soon show because in the first few months you'll lose weight very, very slowly, almost at a stagnation. Don't give up! You know what you're worth, and fight for what you're worth!<br />
Oh, and a quick reminder - When you finally lost your required fat, you'll notice that there's a lot of loose skin hanging around - Don't worry! It'll tuck in sooner or later (Although it may take over a year), you can hasten the progress by growing muscle mass under the skin.<br />
And NEVER forget about the nutrition, eating is 50% of the job to being fit.

Im not too sure what to say, this makes me feel sad.. but i doubt there is anything i, or anyone else can say to make you realise that thin.. well isnt 'in'. xXx