I Will Help You Lose Weight Free Of Charge

my name is Paul and I'm an x fat boy..
growing up in a sicilian family we ate lots of carb / fat loaded meals...result, naturally fat everone!
struggled with my weight until I stumbled upon the movie pumping Iron starring arnold S.
needless to say, I got so motivated and fired up that I never looked back..
became a competitive bodybuilder for 12 years.
today, at 51, I'm still in amazing shape, especially for an old fa** like me LOL.
I spend my days helping others get in the best shape of their life.
All free of charge..I'm retired so I made it my mission to help this world get rid of the obesity / over weight problem one person at a time..
there is only one way to get fit and stay fit for life..make it part of your life style..eating healthy, excercise and stay positive..no matter what..
life is too short, live love and laugh often..
God Bless you paul banaduchi
p.s; contact me viuniverse2013@gmail.com I will help you..
paulbanaduchi paulbanaduchi
46-50, M
Nov 25, 2012