Starting With Weightlifting

This week i start Weightlifting for baseball and i also have show choir bowling and pep band in the way so is their any advice out their to maybe get a kick start on this and start losing. but my first priority is bowling because we have a strike system get 3 and your out so that is one, two is show choir that is season long and for competition, three baseball we have tryouts soon in early march, and finally pep band even though is is mandatory to do if you signed up witch i did but i worked it out with the directors to break even with practices. Please leave any tips to help even if it is like eat this instead of this or do this instead of playing on the computer or something, try not to go in the kitchen it is a war zone for weight losers anything will help. thanks. I am 261lbs, 15 years old, and 5' 8.5".
Jerbo Jerbo
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Hey Jerbo! Your young, so it should be pretty simple to speed up your metabolism. First off, you've gotta make sure you're eating breakfast. Its the most important meal of the day, especially when you want tgo lose weight! Second, watch your sugar/carb intake throughout the day. Try to eat more meats like chicken, fish, and tuna. Jazz it up a bit with mustard, mayo, and relish if you want. Also, and this is pretty important...Dont eat late, and don't have sugars or carns late! If you're starving and you just have to eat something late, have a some baked chicken or tuna. Also you want to eat small to medium meals about 4-5 times a day. This along with everything else will help speed up your metabolism and drop that extra weight! I would also have your parents check into the 90 day challenge. I know some younger people in our group that have started it, and theyve lost a lot of weight. It's super healthy, and would definitely work, but HAVE YOUR PARENTS LOOK AT IT WITH YOU AND DECIDE! If you need anymore advice, or your parents want to know more about the challenge, let me know. Good luck kid!