350 to 280 and Stuck...

I weighed 350, if not more, in 2004.  Between September of 2004 and 2005, I lost 80 pounds.  Since then, I've gone back and forth between about 270 and 280, without any real success regardless of exercise, diet change, etc.  I'm an actress, studying Musical Theatre at UW-Stevens Point, and so losing weight is basically imperative if I want this to be my livelihood.  I'm also getting married in Sept. 2008.  I want to lose at least another 80 pounds before then.  Any tips?

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Have you tried a 90 day body by vi challenge? This is working for millions and everyone from housewives to celebs are getting results i personally am down 75lbs and it was easier than you would think just involved making some lifestyle changes and still enjoying my fave tastes if you want to know more just ask me.

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Hi, at this time I weigh 330 pounds. Its awful, especially because I know how to lose the weight. Lost 44 pounds in my first month on the Cohen diet. I don't know if you have heard of it? You don't use any pills or potions. Dr Cohen is a fertility specialist who created the diet to help women who are overweight and cant get pregnant to lose weight fast . An eating plan is worked out especially for you by Dr Cohen who has clinics all over the world. The foods you eat ensure that the human growth hormone is triggered. This leads to the fast, yet safe, weight loss. Throughout the diet Dr. Cohen monitors your blood to ensure that the diet is functioning as it should. If it isn't small adjustments are made and his workers help you find the reason. <br />
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It works, it really works. I stopped with the diet because I became pregnant. It ended up being an ectopic pregnancy. I was so depressed after that I stopped following the diet. I intend to rejoin the clinic in January and start again. <br />
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http://glen12930.eliteweightlosspackage.com Every one you have to check it out type it into your main bar at the top make sure it is empty first tho you are all going to love penny too i have tryed every think but this really does work hope you all get to the size and weight you only dream of i am nearly their now i have gone from 16 stone to 12 and a half in 7 month because of this i cant wait till my wedding next year now good luck all .

Follow the Tom Venuto (http://www.burnthefat.com/) philosophy! :D I'm just saying that it worked for me, and I can't see how it can fail if done correctly. The reason for that is that it's all a matter of physics (bear with me). There is no way that the body can create fat out of thin air. Fat is just energy storage. If you eat less energy than you burn off, you *must* lose fat or muscle. There is simply no other option. Not losing some form of weight is a physical impossibility :P I bought his ebook a while back and found that the fr<x>amework is really simple and straightforward (unlike my reply here!). It took a lot of monitoring my food and monitoring my exercise and measuring my bodyfat (:P), and fine tuning things on a weekly basis, but he's got some good strategies specifically targetted at breaking weight loss plateaus that you might find useful. I have managed to drop 4% of my bodyfat using the fr<x>amework in that book. (And although this sounds like a promotion, I'm not in any way connected to that site. It's just what worked for me.) Here are some other ideas though: Weight training 3 times a week. [Muscle burns fat whilst you sleep!]. Interval training [up to 3x more effective than steady state]. Zig zag your calories. Use a heart rate monitor. Make sure you're getting enough healthy fats. Count calories. Religiously. And make sure your calorie targets are correct. If all else fails, and your career really is on the line, maybe you could find a personal trainer. I know they're expensive, but perhaps they need people for the personal trainers-in-training to train, somewhere? Anyway, feel free to PM me with questions or abuse, depending on whatever is warranted :D