In My Mind I Feel That I Ne...

In my mind I feel that I need to. I see myself and some days I think "oh hey sexy!", but other days it's...harder to stand.

I get told almost every day that I'm not fat. I don't have a eating disorder or anything like that, but after the comments made by my boyfriends father...and friends from's hard to convince myself sometimes that I'm not.

Back in highschool a girl came up to me during art class and asked if I was pregnant. I pratically screamed at her that I wasn't and then she told me that she heard it from this girl. I never did find out who it was that said it, but I know the rumor was running around the school. This followed me of course. after highschool...was in the mall, a coffee shop, and the girl asked if i was pregnant. It was further rubbed in when i said no and she then proceeded to say "are you sure?"

my current boyfriend...told me about something that his fathre said. his father apparently believed that i was pregnant and almost jumped down his throat before he told him that it was just a pudge. it's where all the fat on my body, most of it, is. on my stomach.

So yep. I have a very strong need to lose weight.

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Just lose the weight. Start swimming, and just try to burn as many calories as possible. Like do some jumping jacks or squats. search for exercise routines, mainly anything that increases your heart rate is good for you. and dont cheat yourself. try to keep a notebook to show progress even if you start off slow. A lot of overweight people say its ok to be overweight, these are the same people suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and all the bad things that occur due to over eating.

the main reason, and people dont realize this, is that being physically fit helps you want to live more. It promotes itself. Just dont tell yourself you want to do it. It doesnt just magically happen. YOU HAVE TO WORK fOR IT. STOP BEING LAZY!!!!!

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

1. take a cup of hot water and mix honey one spoon u loss ur wait in 3 months.

2.add daily pumpkin in your food

People hate that I have gotten fat my mom always pokes my belly or grabs it and says rude comments i don't care thou I love having my man make me fatter and like you all of it goes to my Tummy which I looke pregnant but I'm not! So who cares just be like o ya I am lol

Ooh that is not nice. That is weird if you are not fat but people think you are pregnant. Then maybe all the fats gather in your stomach, maybe that is why?

But yes, don't give up! Do some exercises for your tummy and losing weight healthily and hopefully those stupid people who make their stupid comments can shut their mouth up :p

I'm 61 and been on every diet and they all work.

Finally, a couple of years ago, I found something that really works well for avid eaters.

It's fruit and fruit juice......yeah I know, it makes us fat, but.....depends on what you eat it with.

Fruit has to be eaten alone...............cannot combine fruit w/other foods.

I started drinking Apple Cider and it's taken away all my cravings for carbs and sugar.

Somedays, I drink only cider and feel very content with no anxiety or funny feeling in stomach.

My body is losing all cellulite w/o exercize, and is returning to it's original childhood form.

15 years ago I rode a bike 30 miles a week and every part of my body was flat.

I exercise a lot and I'm still dissatisfied with my body too. To my delight, I can still have my sweets through Vita Coco coconut water while getting the nutrients I need with fewer calories. I highly recommend it.

Have you watched Pulp Fiction? The girl in that movie WANTS a pot belly. Which, I'm assuming, is kind of like what you have. Be proud of it. :)

Orr you could just go get in touch with a nutritionist or something.

LOL ... *high fives Bonita* .. just .. freaking .. awesome =P

honestly almost all of us girls have a lil pouch of fat on our tummy=)

nothing to be sad or not feel sexy about if you ask me i rather have a pouch then a flat stomach and most of the guys i know say the same.

who cares what other people think as long as you love your self who cares!=)

Well, all I can say is.. people love to gossip, people are ignorant, stupid, a bunch of us apparently feel the need to hurt others' feelings to feel better about themselves.. so my advice would be (and I bet you've heard it many times before):

Just don't let it get to you, I mean what do they know? They're just being ignorant and childish, we all have our round shapes, not everyone has to look like a model, we are all beautiful in our own ways, you shouldn't let their rambling get to you like that, you should know better than them!

I can't judge whether you're fat or not, but even so, it shouldn't matter if someone's fat or skinny, or just a little chubby, we are who we are and certain people just gotta grow up, and get it through their thick skulls that perfection is overrated, noone is perfect.

So well I hope my advice was of any help, if not then I'm sorry ;x

Oh honey embrace your thickness!! Its beautiful and its what ur bf likes and wants and most importantly what u want! There's always gonna b haters around whether ur fat OR skinny.

Trust me when I say this HATERS DON'T DISCRIMINATE. So no matter what size u r there r always gonna b someone who is talking...

Its all about what you want babygirl if u wanna lose weight, do it because you want to.

Not because of what some else says and if u wanna stay where ur at then so be it!

To hell with al the haters! But u gotta luv them tho.

I see losing weight as a major priority if health problems r arising. But like I said, other than tht its all bout u and what u want.

lmao bonita princess! burn that dinner!! heh heh he should know better than to be so mean & dumb!

y'know, i see the whole weight thing like this -- and i custom design for women of all body types and they always see themselves a s flawed. silly silly women , when will we stop chiming in at ourselves??

anyway i figure there is NEVER a "need" to lose weight unless for health. so the only thing left to do is to ask myself, 'do i WANT to change my body?'. if the answer is no, then all there is to do is build up myslef against all the dummy dumb-heads of the world. If the answer is yes, then all there is to do is learning what kind of workouts give me the best results.

i think the real title of this story is maybe, 'people are making me feel like crap' *hugs*

I'm thin all around but my hips stick out pretty bad. People are always trying to 'push them back in'. I'm insulted for a moment then I remember people are idiots. I workout almost everyday but the hips are a part of me, I guess.

My boyfriend tried to 'push them in' the other day. I screamed at him then burnt his dinner.

We must be from the same town because you deal with the same idiots.

People can be so ignnorant. .You can work on your problem area, but those insensitive oafs will continue on.

I know how you feel. But if you feel discontent with your body, you should do something about it. I felt disgusted when I looked at myself in the mirror, so I finally decided to go to the gym. Its been a month that I've been going and i 've lost 10 pounds. I think that's the best thing you can do... :)

#1 Even if you were pregnant, who's business is it anyway?!?!?

#2 Those who claim to care about you, those who know of your past with this (pregnant vs.pudge and the hurt feelings) should also be very careful to protect you from such things. Your boyfriend disregarded this and it makes me question his true feelings for you, much like Cel said.

#3 Everyone has a genetic predisposition for a certain body type. Yours is what it is. Mine is what it is. This does not mean we cannot improve it to a degree but there comes a point wherein we will simply have to accept it and learn to love what we have been given because it could be a heckuva lot worse.

And I'm with Cel ... *takes number* I'd like to get in line to slap the heifer that second guessed your answer. UGH!