I've had weight issues my whole life (I used to be very obese (probably nearing 450 lbs). I'm pretty & everyone says so, but my weight is a problem. I had my weight down for over five years (I went down to approx. 200lbs, which at 5'10" was pretty okay with me) but have gained a lot of it back over the past couple of years as the result of no longer having money to buy the healthier food I used to buy, no longer being near a store that sells healthy food (we moved two years ago), or having transportation to get to one, & being put on a medication in April of '08 that really messed up my thyroid, but that I can not stop taking. I'm hoping I can somehow get health insurance so I can go to a doctor & get some help for my thyroid condition. Luckily, we'll be moving soon to a place that has a big grocery store nearby that not only carries healthier food, but food that isn't so expensive. So I'll finally be able to start losing some of the weight I put on.


If anyone who reads this thinks it looks familiar, it's probably because I basically copied the answer I just posted to a "Question" & pasted it here lol. 

lyricalongings lyricalongings
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Feb 22, 2010