I'm Working On It...

I'm taking Phentermine, drinking lots of water, drink a fiber mix that tastes like Tang. (Tee hee. Tang.) I'm losing it slowly but at least I am losing weight.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Thank you for sharing, Tutorsonweb! I have used it in the past with great results! Recently I have gained MORE weight! I'm 5'8 and when I first realized I had a problem I weighed 177! (Near heart attack!) I've been on Phentermine a month and I am at 169. (That was not JUST the medicine but also diet, etc.) I am unable to order it online because it is illegal to buy it online in the state I live in. However, I am under a doctor's care and he is VERY careful about dose, seeing slow/ not too slow results, blood pressure, etc. Also, I have elevated cholesteral. Phentermine also happens to help lower that! There are risks invloved in any medication. However, I am under a doctors care, and the results are awesome! There are some very serious health risks in being over weight! My mother has high blood pressure, diabetes, congestive heart failure possible, sleep apnea and severe arthritis in her knees and hips all due to her weight! I want to keep my weight under control while I am healthy enough to take Phentermine! If I continued on the unhealthy path I was on, in ten years I would be closer to where my mother is with her conditions! I'm only taking 30mg's once a day now. (A few years ago I took 37.5 mg's twice a day! Which IS too much for anyone.) <br />
BTW, congrats on the weight loss! Doesn't it feel great?