Health Care Crap

So I kind of have to vent on this one. The health care system in america is atroscious. I broke my wrist last May and didn't have health insurance. My bills were big but I could handle them. In December I broke my elbow. All together the result was 6 skrews and one plate. Finacially, I am crippled. I have to pay off 7 different offices anywhere between 20 dollars and 150 every month for as long as it takes. Kind of. Two company's don't offer help programs for people without insurance. They demand that you pay off the full amount in 12 months. Soooooo whatever your bill is divided by 12. Right? Anyway, of coarse, when you don't pay it off "they" send you to collections. There is no way I can pay that hefty fee on top of my living expenses. I need to make more money.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2008

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