Taking Care of Daughters..

I have two lovely daughters, one is going on 4 and my other daughter is just shy of being 3 months old.. I completely devote all my time for them and really need a day to myself. I used to love writing, reading, scrapbooking, all sorts of things. I have completely dropped the ball on everything to take care of my girls..

I would love to hang out with old friends and just drink a nice cup of coffee and relax.. Any suggestions on how to do this with two kids? LOL :)...

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YOU are the centre of your universe. Only through your actions will the universe meet your needs. If you want the universe to provide, you have to direct it. <br />
<br />
New directions provide us with new challengers...going adventuring.

after reading some of your stories from woman to woman i feel as though you may be going through postpartum depression, i think you should consult a doctor, i also have a 3 month old he will be 4months on the 11th. its just the way it sounds through your stories i feel you may need help. i was extremely worried about postpartum depression and asked everyone who knows me that if they felt i needed help to say something so please do not take it the wrong way

They sleep sometime.

Hunny trust me its tough...My girls are 16 and 20 and I still need to find time to myself...or when I do sometimes I feel guilty...and I shouldnt I have been a stay at home mom since my youngest was born...and still am here for them...but try and get yourself to do this...speaking from experience wish I have.....