****** Control Training: They Can't Resist

Like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit (or at least that works in cartoons), using ****** control training in your slave training relationship can be highly effective. By teaching your slave when they can and can not ******, you will be able to control their mind as well as their body for your personal pleasure.
The problem most people have with ****** control training is that they often think that it's easier than it looks. All you have to do is tell the slave not to ****** or to ****** and they will do as you say - if only it were that easy.
The problem with ****** control training usually lies in understanding how to control the ****** for your slave in order to show them how they can take part in the process as well. As a Dom/me, you need to realize that a slave needs to be persuaded to not have an ****** or distracted from their body's natural orgasmic response. But if you can not learn these basics, you will not have an effective ****** control training program. You need to be fully in control of this situation so that your slave doesn't attempt to have an ****** regardless of what you are trying to do. This will causes the rest of your slave training to crumble -as soon as your slave sees any weakness on your part. The first thing you need to do is learn what makes your slave ****** in the first place.

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Nice to read such an excellent discussion on ****** denial as a tool for training men. I also enjoy your blog, and hope you might want to look at mine- and possibly contribute: it is a blog about the Femdom lifestyle: https://femdomlifestyle.wordpress.com/

As the wife/mistress of EP member gojohnnygo I totally agree with your comment, not to sho any sign of weakness. My slave would usually take advantage of it. Even if I showed him leniency during a punishment session he would not take it that I was being kind, but being weak.

I love your understanding of what makes for a good Dom/slave relationship.

All males should be locked in chastity, with a FEMALE controlling their key, which puts the FEMALE in control of every aspect of a lowly males life. his whole desire to please his SUPERIOR FEMALE will completely engulf his life!!
slave john

the simplest way to start is to put the slave into chastity belt. after couple of days without any activity the male will start to fill comfortable in his belt.
this is time to start the training. during the first few weeks, you should not allow him out of his belt without your presence. you can milk him quickly and mechanically so he will not feel any sexual relief.
after couple of weeks he will start learning the feeling of controlled ******.
it worked for me :)