Playing Golf

I play nine holes of golf most mornings. This very early at the break of dawn.


This early summer morning I was about 5 holes into my round and I stopped to urinate in a secluded spot next to the fairway. I pissed and as I was outing my **** back in there was another man there that I had not seen. He smiled at me and said that was waste of good ale.


I laughed and said he could have a drink tomorrow if he was here at the same time.


I thought about it all day and the next morning I was looking for him as I came to that hole -he was there!

I went into the secluded spot and he followed. He smiled at me and knelt. He opened his mouth and looked into my eyes. His open mouth was soon being filled with my urine. I kept ******* for a whole minute and he gulped it all down.

I was very hard when I had finished. I moved closer and put my **** to his lips. He sucked me and gave me a fantastic head job.


I keep my bladder full for that hole early in the mornings that I play golf. So far he has been there twice more.

peeinme peeinme
3 Responses Aug 11, 2009

love pee too. did he eat your, white , sticky goo as well. love to have you **** on me!!

If I showed up, would you let me play with your *** while you feed me your ****? I love playing with a man's ******* while I suck him.

loved your story thanks for sharing