Need To Pee! Lilly

here is a story i made up :) enjoy ....*character description: Lilly...13...tall, skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin.

Lilly has a brother named Justin, he is a really mean brother! so one Day Lilly was drinking her tea, while she was home alone with her brother, she walked upstairs where he brother was hiding and he grabbed her and locked her in the closet (yes,there is a lock on the closet door) she slammed her fists on the door but he was not going to let me out, he just stood near the door laughing. well about 5 minutes into it the tea she drank earlier kicked in HARD! she new she was in trouble now! she sat on the floor of the tiny closet knowing her brother wouldnt let her out until her parents came home which aka were going to be gone for another 4 hours!!!! she wanted to sob but she couldnt or her brother would hear her. she stared at the toilet paper stash in the closet and a tear trickled down her cheek. she waited and waited till 35 min. passed. on a scale from 1-10 Of her desperation, it was a 1000 YES THATS HOW BAD IT WAS! she was grabbing her bladder with both of her hands and she wanted to scream. "I BET YOU HAVE TO PEE NOWW!" her brother yelled threw the door, she stood up and yelled "YES I DOO REALLY REALLY BAD, LET ME OUT PLEASE!!" her brother just laughed and laughed and said "YA RIGHT! now your going to have to listen to somthing!" he laughed then started making the SSSSSSSSSSS sound through the door and he poured a big glass of water. it was terrible. she grabbed the toilet paper and stuffed in into her panties, ALMOST A HOLE ROLL! then she pushed on the floor as hard as possible. she yelled"JUSTIN PLEASE LET ME OUT! IM GONNA PEE MYY PANTS!" he brother laughed again and yelled "JUST 3 MORE HOURS!" she sighed and started to sob. she didnt want to pee her pants! NOT WITH HER BROTHER AROUND! after another hour passed she had two hours left! RAWR!! she started to breathe really hard and use a shampoo bottle to stuff into her croch to make it better. tht didnt work! ON A SCALE from 1-10000000000000000 it had to be 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 she was crying and crying and her brother was laughing and laughing SHE WAS STARVING TOO! she took out some of the toilet paper and it was really wet but she still had to pee very bad. she used the doorknob to put her bladder on top of it and push really hard with the stuffing inside witch hurt very bad but it took away some of the pain from having to pee. she knew she had a long time from know and she lay her head down holding her crotch. she looked at her bladder witch literally was the size of a tenis ball and a half! the door of the closet opend slighty and my crother ran in pushed me to the floor and tickeled me for a whole 3 minutes, I PEED SOOO MUCH! but i still had to pee MORE! he stood up and ran out locking tteh door again! UHG! deap down inside of the closet she found diapers...her littler sisters, she put them on and wanted to pee but it seemed hard to, HER BLADDER WOULDNT LET GO! she pushed but nothing came out! she finally relaxed and a stream of pee came squrting out! CHEAP DIAPERS! becasue the pee also started to run down her leg in made a huge wet spot on her pants! she was so reileved for about a minute! UNTIL HER BROTHER CAME IN AND SAW THAT SHE HAD PEED! she was so embarresed and since her bladder is soooo small and not all the pee came out she was already desperate again! SHE PEED AGAIN AND AGAIN FOR ABOUT AN HOUR! the floor was a mess she was a mess! finally her brother let her out and let her take a shower and he apoligized


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