All Of The Sudden, I Had To Pee

The last time I went was 10:00 AM or thereabouts, and it's a quarter to 3 (PM) right now, so that's about 5 hours without a toilet, which really isn't major, but I have a tiny bladder and ate a LOT of watermelon in between those two times, which for some reason makes me need to pee. Also I've had a few cups of chocolate milk and my lunch.
This is hard for me to write because thinking about it makes my urge worse. I'm sitting on my heel right now and I'm really nervous, I don't want to wet myself, I just want to test myself and maybe make it to the bathroom in the nick of time. I'm thinking I'll take a shower and see how long I can hold it, if the running water'll affect me. But not yet, I want to hold it for longer.
Background: I am pretty new to wetting, and I like it. It makes it feel weird when it gets all dirty though, I like it as a light sexual relief. So in the comments, please keep it pretty light, I don't want to chat or anything ;) Thanks.
Anyway, I haven't ever had a public accident, I've wet myself accidently on purpose at home, though. I like to challenge myself- increase how long I can hold, how much I can drink, if I can go without spurting even if I press on my bladder or read a wetting story, etc.
This is sort of like my pee log, I'm going to post updates on this story when I need to pee- how long I've gone, my plans- and then later, maybe, how the story turned out. Wish me luck!
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May 21, 2012