First of all my name is David. I'm laying in bed strugging to hold my pee, I have this really weird fetish where I like to hold my ppl until I cannot stand it and my bladder is killing me. But if there's others like you that likes it too then is it weird? Anyway like I said I'm laying in bed struggling, I'm squirming, I'm bursting! I started searching I have to pee and it pulled this site up so I was thinking ok ill see what its about! But on with the issue of why I'm here I have to pee, not just kind of having to pee but I've got to ****! I've been holding it for 6hours my bladder is very tender and hurting! Any advise on how to hold longer? Maybe a way to get my mind off of my need to pee?
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I have the same fetish!! Message me next time!!

There are literally hundreds of people here on EP who enjoy the sensations of a full bladder. Some will hold until they start to pee involuntarily, some wet their clothes on purpose, some enjoy full-bladder sex. Some strive to increase their bladder capacity.

So you are very much like a lot of us.

I personally couldnt hold it that long if I had been drinking a lot of pop or water. My only suggestion would be to take some sleeping pills that would cause you to get drowsy and maybe that would take your mind off of your full bladder. It would relax you and you might wake up in a pool of pee. But that all I can suggest. Have fun.